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Cozmo Yachts - Yacht Rental Company in Dubai

Cozmo Yachts is regarded for its excellence in yacht charter. Formed at Dubai (UAE) in 2013, with the aim to provide the exclusive yacht charter services.

Having a wider range of luxury yachts berthed at Dubai Marina Yacht Club along with professional crew on-board and management veteran of a decade in hospitality, yacht rental, yacht charter & boat rental Dubai, Cozmo Yachts is very well equipped to organize your events successfully on exclusively chartered yachts.

Yacht Rental Dubai

Yacht Rental Dubai is most commonly used term for yacht charter service in Dubai. Though the meaning for Yacht Charter Dubai and Yacht Rental Dubai are often considered same but the charter is a better term to use when you want to hire a complete luxury yacht for yourself or your guests and don't want involvement of any other passenger. Cozmo Yachts, offers yacht charter for completely luxurious sea excursion.

Let's charter a yacht in Dubai from Cozmo Yachts to witness the amazing skyline of Dubai through the sea. Cruise in Dubai by getting onboard on one of the finest and luxurious boats of Cozmo Yachts and capture the mesmerizing moments of the yachting trip in your memories for a lifetime. For 24/7 Yacht Rental Dubai Call +971 52 944 0222

Cozmo Yachts is a perfect choice, if you plan to have any of the following.

  • Yacht rental in Dubai
  • Have a family get-together in a chartered yacht away from the land
  • Surprise your beloved through a romantic sunset cruise on a luxurious yacht
  • Rent a Yacht in Dubai to host a party for your friends
  • Host a magnificent corporate event, product launch on a luxury yacht or
  • Fishing in Dubai

Plan and enjoy whatever you wish!

Cozmo Yachts is there to provide you exclusive yacht charter services that would excel your expectations.

Get boarded on our luxury yacht, chartered especially for you and let our seasoned crew to:

  • Treat you and your guests with remarkable yachting tour
  • Cruise you through Dubai Marina / Dubai Canal to observe the best sights from the sea
  • Indulge you with mouthwatering cuisine and exciting sea activities
  • Make sure that you and your guests have a great time

Choose from a wide variety of luxurious yachts, ranging from 33 to 101 feet or take a fishing boat to enjoy fishing in the deep sea with your friends!