For some, Dubai is the land of opportunities and for some, it's the land of wonders. No wonder Dubai is the land of opportunities especially for travelers who love to surf the wonderful locations around the globe.

Cozmo Yachts through this travel blog is trying to share the latest happenings, things to do, new attractions, yachting & fishing experiences and more.

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Yacht Cruise Dubai


Water Sports! A Discrete World of Fun

Water sports are a great source of healthy and active lifestyle. Yacht rentals around the world, like Cozmo Yachts in Dubai, host a great variety of water activities above and under the water. Indulging in swimming, sports fishing,water skiing, jet skiing, or scuba diving involve a great source of fun and excitement not for individuals but for families as well.


Cruise This New Year Eve

NYE Celebrations & Traffic Congestions

It is less than a week left when the world would be celebrating New Year 2018. In fact, preparations are at peak throughout all the metropolitans like Dubai. Indeed, the event is great for the majority but for the citizens like me who are equally interested to enjoy but remain perplexed to move in the city as the fatigue of the inland traffic congestions especially on the New Year Eve (NYE) tends to be spoiling all the joy of the event.

Khaleej Times conveyed what Dubai RTA devised

It's The Right Time To Go Dubai

If you are waiting for the perfect weather to visit Dubai then don’t wait for further updates from the weather portals, just pack your bags. One of my old friends, a Dubai resident since long, invited me to his city, knowing that I avoid moving out in hot weather and Dubai climate remains warm most of the year, he advised me to visit there in winter months.

Do whatever you like – indoor or outdoor

Come Visit The UAE And Its Marinas


Luxury, beauty, and above all, perfection at heart, the United Arab Emirates have transformed a desert into a world renown oasis of delight and pleasure. Seen as the pinnacle of fabulous destinations from around the world, the United Arab Emirates draws forth my celebrated personalities, revealing the unique tastes and experiences that can be found in each of its seven states.

Why Not yacht This Summer!

Let not summer hinder

Fellows planning to charter yacht in Dubai may find comparatively fewer suggestions online regarding sailing in Dubai particularly in August when summer is thought to be at its peak. Here I would like to comment that it depends on how you plan your trip. You let the season affect your plans for entertainment or you still remain committed, just like the author of this blog post.

Planning makes it viable

Expert advise On Luxury Charters - For The First Time Cruisers

You wish to enjoy the pleasure of luxury yachting in deep oceans as you keep on hearing about its pleasure but never have experienced it. If you are looking for some tips how & when to decide on luxury cruising, in Dubai especially, then keep on reading this post was you may receive most of the answers to your queries, if not all.


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