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Why Not yacht This Summer!

Let not summer hinder

Fellows planning to charter yacht in Dubai may find comparatively fewer suggestions online regarding sailing in Dubai particularly in August when summer is thought to be at its peak. Here I would like to comment that it depends on how you plan your trip. You let the season affect your plans for entertainment or you still remain committed, just like the author of this blog post.

Planning makes it viable

Expert advise On Luxury Charters - For The First Time Cruisers

You wish to enjoy the pleasure of luxury yachting in deep oceans as you keep on hearing about its pleasure but never have experienced it. If you are looking for some tips how & when to decide on luxury cruising, in Dubai especially, then keep on reading this post was you may receive most of the answers to your queries, if not all.

The 7 Most Exciting Activities in Dubai

Planning a trip to Dubai soon but not sure what activities to plan?

Dubai has quickly emerged as one of the top cities to visit due to its luxurious shopping malls and sleek architectural designs.

However, Dubai is much more than just a concrete jungle.

Read on to discover the seven most exciting activities in Dubai.

1. Flyboarding

Flying and walking on water all in one day? Seems impossible, right?

Not if you go flyboarding in Dubai.

Want to see the global village? Visit Dubai

I am one of the guys who had been to Dubai for few days and found that place more than what I used to hear about it. Many of my friends settled over there with families kept on inviting me and finally, I got a chance to visit that wonderful city to conduct a training session since it’s also the technology hub for the gulf region. Giants of information technology are based in Dubai megacity from where they provide their product & services support to the complete Arab world.


For many of us, water games had been popular for getting tanned and conditioned or just for the adrenaline rush. But, now when the medical sciences had revealed its enormous medical benefits, a greater number of people are getting inclined towards indulging in water activities. For the guys, including the author of this post who are still negligent about it, shall commit of bringing the swift change.

Water Sports in Healthy Nations


If you are the sailor who prefers to charter only in warmer climates then it’s the best time for you to think of chartering your first cruise of the season. The month of April has approached and it’s the best time to sail in Dubai waters. The charter has gained momentum across the globe and the destinations which were only being explored by the adventurous cruisers are now affable for weekend marina hopers also. You may consider the following most entertaining charter destinations:

Enjoy sightseeing of Palm Jumeirah

10 Tips to Use When Planning To Charter a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Do you want to hire a yacht for rent in Dubai? When hiring one in Dubai, you need to consider several factors. The reason is that there are several types of these vessels. For instance, there are the sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamaran or gullet and motorsailor. You also need to know the charter duration and plan for your itinerary.
Many online guides talk about the benefits of getting a yacht for rent in Dubai. What they don’t tell you is how to have the best experiences when cruising. This post gives you 10 tips to use when planning to charter a yacht for rent in Dubai.


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