10 Tips to Use When Planning To Charter a Yacht for Rent in Dubai

Do you want to hire a yacht for rent in Dubai? When hiring one in Dubai, you need to consider several factors. The reason is that there are several types of these vessels. For instance, there are the sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamaran or gullet and motor sailor. You also need to know the charter duration and plan for your itinerary. Many online guides talk about the benefits of getting a yacht for rent in Dubai. What they don’t tell you is how to have the best experiences when cruising.

This post gives you 10 tips to use when planning to charter a yacht for rent in Dubai.

Skipped Charter • When planning to charter a yacht for rent in Dubai, you need to decide whether you need a skipped one. It’s designed to assist if you have little or no experience in sailing. They provide you with a skipper who will be responsible for sailing it. The captain will also help you to learn how to sail the chartered boat. • You can hire them for several days, which ensures you enjoy your cruising experience. One tip when hiring a skipper in Dubai is to look for those with experience. They will assist you to find the best and interesting places to enjoy cruising activities and also find the best secure places to berth. • Keep in mind that the skipper’s fees are charged separately from the yacht charter fee. You are also obliged to pay for their food and drinks. Depending on the size of your boat, they can either sleep in the salon or their cabin. Children • You may decide to bring your kids when hiring a yacht for rent in Dubai. However, you should ensure you monitor them when on board. For example, make sure you find a safe cabin for them. The best places to let your children play are the front areas, for example, the cockpit. • You should also ensure they wear life vests. Carry baby food in the case that you have young children. The reason is that you may not find baby food when on the actual sailing activity.

How to Book a Yacht • You can contact a boat service through online means or by using their phone numbers in Dubai. The customer care desks of yacht charter companies will recommend the best routes for you, best vessels and also give you various packages. • Consider contacting them early to reserve you a boat. It also allows you to plan yourself, for example, purchase plane tickets to Dubai. For instance, you can book a vessel by paying at least 30-40% of the total yacht for rent fee.

Choosing Between a Catamaran and a Sailing Boat • Depending on your level of experience on sailing, you should make a choice between a sailing boat and a catamaran. A catamaran is ideal if you have little experience in sailing. The reason is that it offers you more stability. • It consists of two hulls, offers you more space and comfort and is also unsinkable. It also has a shallow craft that makes it easier for you to access land and bay faster and easier.

Weather • Another factor to consider is the weather. That’s because the weather is unpredictable. During high seas or rough weather, port authorities may not allow sailing. • However, the best yacht for rent in Dubai service will have a backup plan. Your captain may also recommend an alternative route if the weather conditions don’t become better.

Where to Berth • You also need to know where to berth after sailing. The reason is that you may not have problems spending nights on secure bays along the coast. That’s if you have enough food, water and electricity and a skipper. • However, if you have problems navigating your vessel and also not familiar with the waters, you should ensure you contact the yacht for rent service you booked. The reason is that they will recommend the best bays in the maritime area you are sailing. Another way is by asking the charter agency for suggestions during the check in procedure in the marina.

Bare board Charters • A Bare board charter refers to the arrangement where you hire a yacht without the crew. The responsibility of hiring them will be yours. Depending on your preferences, this method is ideal as it enables you to explore breathtaking locations in the waters by hiring those with experience.

Additional Provisioning Allowance APA • When hiring a yacht for rent in Dubai, you should keep in mind that the charter fee caters for the crew and boat. Other expenses are on top of the charter amount. These costs are the APA. They are usually 20% of the charter fee. They are given in cash to the charter service to allow the captain to buy fuel and also provide you with food and drinks. • Your demands determine these charges. They also include fees for the generators, consumable stores, harbor and piloting fees and also charges for water and electricity. • Keep in mind that any unutilized APA will get returned to you. That’s in the case that you don’t spend the whole amount. However, if you exceed the APA, for example, by requesting for drinks or incurring high fuel costs, you will have to reimburse the yacht charter service. It’s rare for such cases to happen, although you need to know about these charges apply.

Professional Skipper • You are obliged to hire a skipper if you don’t have a recognized sailing license. However, you need to know the rules of the area you are sailing in Dubai. The reason is that in some areas it’s a must for you to have years of experience in sailing. • You also need to know if you need any insurance depending on your type of vessel. Another way is by taking an exam and gaining your license. Some yacht charter services can also organize for you to get your license.

The Crew • When choosing a yacht for rent in Dubai, you should also consider a crewed charter. That’s where you have a captain who’s responsible for sailing the boat. You can also decide to hire a chef. Chefs prepare you the best meals as you relax. • You can also request for a hostess to serve you the drinks and food. The hostess also cleans your vessel and arranges it well. That ensures you have the best sailing memories.

Final Thoughts Choosing the best yacht for rent in Dubai should be easier using the above post. Make sure you check your budget estimates and contact boat services early. That ensures they plan your sailing activities well and also recommend to you the best places to cruise depending on the weather.