5 Types of Corporate Events That Can be Hosted on Our Luxury Yachts in Dubai

Corporate events are usually a huge deal for any big company and keeping in mind that such events always attract media and gain directed traction of people around, the event organizers of the company aim to go one step ahead with the event preparations every time.

Apart from having the usual meetings, closing the business deals or seminars in the skyscrapers or 7-star hotels like Burj Al Arab, you can always plan to host the conventions in a unique style by chartering a luxury yacht at Dubai Marina. Not only does it exhibit something eccentric when it comes to hosting meetings but will also not stop impressing your clients and employees alike. Even if the plan of boat renting limits organizing an event for company employees only, the plan will still stand out as not only does it create a sense of pride for employees to be part of such a considerate company but also it helps restore the bond. Thus, if you are in Dubai and planning the next big event for your company by renting a yacht then look no further, as Cozmo Yachts should be your primary source for renting luxury yachts.

Cozmo Yachts has proven its excellence in the yacht chartering industry, being established 9 years back. Thus, when it comes to organizing events for corporate companies, they are not shy enough to back down as they have come to host many such events successfully and earned well-deserved laurels for them. Therefore, it is a safe bet for any company who is looking to rent a yacht in Dubai, as Cozmo Yachts should be their go-to place!

What Type of Corporate Events Can be Hosted?

Cozmo Yachts can proudly say that they have the experience of hosting many such corporate events on luxury yachts in Dubai in the past, thus this experience has enabled them to extend their game one step more by all means. Like any business organization, there are countless ways of organizing such events whether you are holding seminars, team huddling activities, business collaboration-related meetings, etc. Let us guide you a little further so that next time you are looking to host any of such events, this guide about boat rentals related to corporate events will help you out in the best way.

1. Product Soft Launch Parties

It is time to launch the much-awaited product after working for countless hours, months, or even years on it and your entire office deserves some time to rejoice in this special moment to celebrate its opening in an intimate manner before the mega launch, then surely you have come to the right place, as Cozmo Yachts can provide you with that luxury of holding such intimate ceremonies in style on their yachts sailing past Dubai Marina skyline on to Persian Gulf. Such soft opening parties have their own fun to carry as they get to include only those who actually made the product reach the finish line.

2. Team Building Activities

If the next occasion that you want to target as part of the Recreational Committee of your company, then why not bring your team along at Cozmo Yachts and let us help you organize a Team Building Activity event by renting out our luxury yachts in Dubai? They can provide guidance and being experienced can assist you better. As most activities on Dubai yachts will be water-centric for instance fishing, snorkeling, etc, it is always better to plan in the best way possible and hire someone who is best at delivering this event from top to bottom. Therefore, Comzo Yachts should be the top priority as they will never fail to impress you in this regard and advise you appropriately related to boat renting in Dubai.

3. Business Seminars

As the head of your start-up company, it is important that your employees are well-equipped to deliver their performance most professionally so that your company can grow successfully. At times, such many skills need polishing so that any hindrances can be avoided on a professional level. Thus, the seminar is what helps train your team better as it helps in engaging with all your employees at one platform and evaluating better where your company stands on many of such skills. What can make these seminars work out to be exemplary is when they come with an exotic view and Cozmo Yachts can make that happen as their yacht rental service has proven many times to deliver efficiently in terms of hosting business seminars.

4. Annual Awards Ceremony

Annual award ceremonies are a huge deal for any big company, and a lot of impressions have to be created especially if you are aiming to bring honorable guests to the ceremony. Thus, when such kind of hype needs to be created let Cozmo Yachts come to your rescue as our luxury yachts will leave your VIP guests breathless. As our experienced crew specializes in decorating and making the rented yacht stand out and when it comes to welcoming guests, our red carpet welcome will make your extra special guests feel more of a celebrity!

5. Corporate Meetings

There are always those high-profile meetings with your business clients that you want to make the best out of and it is a high priority to make those meetings as exclusive as it can be made possible. Cozmo Yachts has the privilege of executing them with the best plan as their luxury yachts in Dubai can be rented for the very purpose. Thus any deal that you need to close on a successful note with your client can be made possible on our exotic yachts accompanied by mesmerizing views.

If you are still in a fix about yacht renting, no worries as Cozmo Yachts aims to serve you in every possible way. Call them any time or send in your queries by email, and they will try to reach you as soon as possible.