The 7 Most Exciting Activities in Dubai

Planning a trip to Dubai soon but not sure what activities to plan?

Dubai has quickly emerged as one of the top cities to visit due to its luxurious shopping malls and sleek architectural designs.

However, Dubai is much more than just a concrete jungle.

Read on to discover the seven most exciting activities in Dubai.

1. Flyboarding

Flying and walking on water all in one day? Seems impossible, right?

Not if you go flyboarding in Dubai.

This adventurous water sport propels you 30 feet into the air as you are connected to a jet ski with a 10-meter pipe. 30 feet may not sound that high, but trust us, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

Plus, the sensation of walking on water is unlike any other.

2. Yacht Cruise

Interested in spending time on the water, but not so interested in flying?

For those looking for a more tranquil water activity, a Dubai canal cruise is the way to go.

With a canal yacht cruise, you get the opportunity to charter the waters of Dubai while soaking up its luxurious scenery.

Yacht cruises are an excellent activity for the whole group to enjoy, and booking one is the perfect excuse for a celebration.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

If going 30 feet high doesn’t scare you, then what’s a few thousand more, right?

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to soak in the views of the Dubai desert. Many hot air balloon rides are offered at sunrise as well, making the scenery all the more beautiful.

4. Para-Motoring

Think combining flying and walking on water is crazy?

How about flying and go-karting?

That’s right, paramotoring is for those dare-devilish enough to fly through the air without being caged in.

While your stomach is flip-flopping cruising through the air at 2,000 feet and 40 miles per hour, don’t forget to look out for some antelopes and giraffes below!

5. Bobsledding

Has Bobsledding been on your bucket list ever since seeing the movie Cool Runnings?

At Ski Dubai, you get the chance to cross this item off your list!

Smack in the middle of the desert awaits a winter wonderland (inside a mall, of course) where you can ski, sled, and, get this- swim with penguins!

6. Sandboarding

Of course, experiencing a winter wonderland in the middle of a dessert is awesome.

But you traveled all the way to Dubai, so you don’t want to miss out on experiencing the desert either.

Sandboarding is perhaps the most authentic extreme sport you can partake in while in Dubai. Sand boarding is basically the desert’s spin on snowboarding. Get ready to shred some gnar.

7. Archery Tag

Fan of the Hunger Games?

Get ready to reenact your favorite scenes at Flip Out Dubai’s trampoline park. Here you get the thrill of bouncing around combined with the competitive rush of shooting your opponents with a foam arrow.

Activities in Dubai Wrap Up

Got a question about one of these activities in Dubai? Drop a comment below.

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