It’s My Party Yacht: 8 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Yacht Party

The ocean breeze. The salty air. Endless possibilities.

If you want your guests to feel like movie stars, take them on the open seas. Planning a party on a yacht doesn’t have to be a headache. Your partygoers will drink in the elegance and sophistication and talk about your party far into the future.

For the ultimate guide to throwing an unforgettable event on a party yacht, read on. These 8 tips will make your party the best.

1. Be Clear About Party Flow Instructions

There’s nothing worse than being a guest at a party and seeing the food, but not knowing if you’re allowed to eat. If you can have the captain make small announcements to let guests know when the next part of the evening has begun, you’ll help them avoid feeling awkward and out of place.

Clear labels can help with this. And if guests are allowed to partake of something right away or all night, a small sign that says “Buffet open all evening” can help.

You want partygoers to feel at home and comfortable. Then they’ll relax and have fun, rather than feeling unsure and embarrassed.

2. Dance Floor and DJ

One of the best reasons to choose a yacht is it comes with a dance floor. Especially once you’re underway, guests are ready to loosen up and start moving. You want a welcoming space where your passengers will have fun and make lasting memories.

Even the boldest dancers won’t get the dancing started if the music isn’t right. Make sure you hire the best DJ to curate the list of tunes to the crowd. Then the guests will go home tired and happy, having spent the whole night moving and grooving.

3. Prioritize Safety on the Party Yacht

Some basic announcements from the captain at the beginning of the cruise will make guests feel safe without boring them. At the start, everything is new and interesting so they don’t lose interest or stop listening during important instructions.

Taking a moment to let them know where emergency items are and how to proceed in case anything happens helps them feel prepared and ready to relax.

4. The Perfect Menu

For passengers who’ve never experienced this type of vessel before, you’ll wow them with the quality of food available. And the ones who’ve come to expect a gourmet meal on board ship, you can still exceed their expectations.

Work with your chef and event planner to choose the right menu for your guests. Make sure you cater to everyone’s preferences so that no one feels bad asking for special accommodations. Little touches like that make the party unforgettable.

5. Go Somewhere Unique

Ask about the different routes available and their advantages. You have the chance to show your guests part of the city they’ve never seen before. Unique sightseeing opportunities include different vistas at night, light shows, or wildlife native to the area.

One of the things to know about an excursion on a party yacht is that there are many itinerary options. Make the most of your event by scheduling the right course for the trip. Let the guests know about the special places to behold with an announcement from the captain as you pass by.

6. Think of the Little Things

Extra amenities like medicine for seasickness is a must. Many guests may never have been on a boat like this one, and they don’t know how they’ll react. Rather than having people feeling awful, give them something to take the edge off.

Find a way to make it known that these things are available without a big announcement. You don’t want too many people thinking they feel sick because of the power of suggestion and ruining the party vibe.

Instead, post a small sign in the bathroom, or ask your attendants to watch for signs and mention the availability of medicine as the need arises.

Fancy soap and thick towels make the small bathroom feel luxurious. Any special length you can go to to make the cruise a rocking success is worth it. For business executives, branding their luxury items with their business personalizes the experience.

7. Ambiance and Decor

The last thing guests think about is the decor on board–unless it’s not right. Then it can throw the party out of sync.

Work with the yacht’s party planners to get the right vibe for the party, and make sure no one notices the decor because everything is perfect. You have so many options when it comes to designing the evening. Take full advantage of what’s available to make your party appropriate for the attendees.

8. Bonus Luxuries

Work with your tour guide or party planner to think of some extras for your guests. If the evening was already special, they won’t be expecting anything else. But imagine their surprise if you hand them something else as they disembark.

A fresh-baked cookie or a party favour to remember the evening puts the night over the top. They won’t forget the event or your hospitality any time soon.

I’m On A Boat

Your next event on a party yacht will be unforgettable if you remember these tips. From the safety announcement at the beginning to the bonus gift as passengers disembark, they’ll remember the event for years to come.

Remember to take them to a special place, plan an elegant menu, and curate the music to facilitate a great dance floor.

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