5 Reasons A Chartered Yacht Is The Perfect Venue

If you are looking for a venue that is different from the usual hangouts and fine dining restaurants, look no further. For your next event, pick a venue that is so unique and fabulous, guests will be talking about it long after the event is done. Need more reasons to charter a yacht for events? Here are 5 more.

1. No Hassle Venue

Charter a yacht from Cozmo Yachts and get access to the best party venue in town. With years of experience in hosting memorable and unique events, accentuated with impeccable service from an award winning team, guests can be assured of a hassle free experience.

2. Dedicated Event Planners

Skilled agents who have the expertise to plan and execute your party down to the detail will sit with you and help you decide your party theme and select the decorations, props, cake, food, entertainment etc.

3. Spacious and Elegant

Unlike halls and banquets where guests may feel cramped and stuffed, yachts have spacious decks as well as elegant and elaborate saloons for guests to hang out in a relaxed manner. Guests can opt to spend time on the deck with natural light and cool air or get cozy and stay warm indoors.

4. Entertainment & Activities Galore

When conducting parties inside a hall, activities sometime become limited to a few indoor games or nothing at all. Party on a yacht and expose guests to some never before activities like barbecuing, fishing, water sports or simple dancing! There is some form of entertainment for just everyone!

5. Variety of routes

Once the guest list is decided, yachts can be chosen to fit the guests. Cozmo’s fleet has yachts to fit 8 to 100 guests at a time. Depending on the theme and purpose of the event, the captain can suggest the best routes to take. There are routes specific to fishing, sight -seeing, water sports etc.

So, if you are going to celebrate a special event soon and want it to be something truly special, speak to our agent here at Cozmo Yachts. We offer luxury chartered yachts that will take your event from ordinary to fabulous! All our yachts have luxury accommodations with an eclectic mix of contemporary and archaic ambience and best in class amenities for you and your guests to enjoy a great time aboard. Happy Celebrations, Happy Customers, Happy Us!