Color-Filled Sunset Cruise to Finish the Day

There are hardly any experiences more awe-inspiring than an Arabian sunset.  The deep purples melt into summer-blossomed orange, reds shine crimson and blues merge into an endless evening sky.  All of this coexists with the Arabian Gulf waters shimmering in reply to the oil painting spread above.
What better way to spend the last moments of your day than on a flybridge of a chartered yacht, let’s experience cruising the sea during sunset on one of our luxury yachts.
Our cruises provide the perfect setting for that special evening you want to share with your closest loved one.  With a captain and crew at your side, refreshments, and gorgeous photography opportunities, there is no reason to worry about the yachting. You can spend your time on the waves enjoying the twilight hours carefree.
While chartering your sunset cruise, the opportunity to view the Dubai skyline from its best advantage–the open water–is in abundance.  Bear witness to the exquisite views of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, towering above the city at 829.9 meters (2,722 ft.), or catch a glimpse of the famous Burj al-Arab lit up by the colors of half-light.

Perhaps you are considering a proposal to your beloved and wish to ask that magical question at the perfect moment. Our sunset cruise offers the finest of opportunities to enchant your soon-to-be partner for life. Imagine the two of you spending the day wandering the streets of Dubai. You have had a day of discovery through amazing sites of Arabic architecture, you spent some time away from the bustling streets to enjoy a massage at the spa followed by a delectable dinner at one of Dubai’s fine restaurants.  Imagine the joy and excitement when they believe the day is coming to an end and to their surprise you have chartered a luxurious yacht for a sunset cruise at Dubai Marina. You board, relax, wind down together lost in the colors of the sky, take in the vivid skyline and the ripples of water, and then it happens.

You ask the love of your life to be yours forever with a backdrop of strikingly intense color, representing your own relationship’s brilliance. They say yes and you both share precious moments in the coming moonlit skies.

That dream proposal can come true. Cozmo Yachts will even work closely with you to make your proposal as amazing as you deserve, so you can spend more time enjoying life and less time worrying so much about the little details. We are here to help you and make this sunset cruise, along with every cruise, a perfect one.
For more information about sunset cruises with Cozmo Yachts, or to learn about the many other cruises we offer in the Arabian Gulf, contact us today.