Come Visit The UAE And Its Marinas


Luxury, beauty, and above all, perfection at heart, the United Arab Emirates have transformed a desert into a world renown oasis of delight and pleasure. Seen as the pinnacle of fabulous destinations from around the world, the United Arab Emirates draws forth my celebrated personalities, revealing the unique tastes and experiences that can be found in each of its seven states.

The UAE is comprised of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. These magnificent seven states provide a plethora of delight and wonder for those who choose to explore the various locations of the UAE. Each destination pulls at an individual from deep within, showing the essence of true luxury and style that helps to build the glory of the UAE.
From Adu Dhabi with its modern and magnificence displaying the abundance of miraculous sites and endeavors that harbor excitement at every turn, to the wandering vistas that is the gorgeous emirate of Dubai, the UAE captures the stature of all radiance and luxury.
Every state embraces a unique aspect of the UAE providing an assortment of activities that will satisfy all travelers that come to visit this paradise. There is something for everyone and with such versatility, every avenue of your trip will be filled with extravagance.
When deciding where to take your boat, consider the wonderful aspects of the UAE and how it can enhance the pleasure of your trip. The natural settings of each state present the traveler with a myriad of tactile and subtle fortitude that gives each moment something to treasure. For each of these locations shows how each emirate has become a rare jewel to explore while visiting the UAE. From shopping, to outdoor interests, to the pleasures of the naturalist, the seven emirates of the UAE have it all.
It can be a difficult decision when deciding where to take your boat when visiting the UAE, but with a wide variety of locations and choices, no matter where you go, you are sure to enjoy yourself. Choose a marina that fits your style and tastes. Each emirate hosts a bountiful adventure for all travelers, no matter what the interests, the UAE has something to provide for everyone.



Known for its unique tastes, the emirate of Abu Dhabi can provide numerous amounts of fun and enjoyment with modern accoutrements and modern flair. One of the largest cities, this emirate is the headquarters for various innumerable oil companies and embassies, showing its unique connection and place held within the international markets. This modern setting is filled with many interests that will pull at the heart, making this location a memorable moment to cherish. Ultra-chic and ready to accommodate any type of adventure or experience, makes Abu Dhabai an area worth checking out when traveling on your boat. CNN has named this location as one of the richest cities in the world, showing the deep rooted financial foundations that span this particular area. This state carries with it many unique and numerous affluent places to shop, that allow you to take in the sites and beauty of the environment. For those who desire a more natural setting to explore, the desert safari is something that will captivate your interests. Another natural setting that will captivate the trip is a visit to verdant Khalifa Park. From many different aspects, Abu Dhabai is sure to enhance your stay while visiting the UAE.

(2) DUBAI.

A well-known and unique destination, this emirate of DUBAI has a deep history and roots in the UAE that offer an experience that can only be matched by traveling to this location. From the many different activities such as yacht rental Dubai or the indoor snow skiing center in the world’s tallest building, there is something that awaits everyone who comes to this beautiful state. Known for its great flamboyance, you will always find something for you to explore and experience. Visit the city bearing the same name of the emirate, and explore the bustling vitality that permeates luxury and the extravagance of Dubai. You can take a relaxing indulgence on Jumeriah Beach, or take a hike to the dunes for some excitement, and don’t forget the creek cruises that are sure to deliver joy to all would be travelers to this location. Dubai holds a key that will open a door to a plethora of possibilities and choices that may not be offered anywhere else in the world outside of the UAE.

(3) AJMAN.

Known to be one of the smallest of the emirates, Ajman is located in the center of the western coastal region of the UAE. Carrying with it a more relaxed setting, travelers will enjoy the placid scenes and mellow fortitudes that comprise this wonderful emirate of the UAE. Those who come to visit have the choice of exploring a myriad of places including an extravagant City Center Mall for shopping and browsing. If you have interests in knowing the history and culture of the area as well as other information, you can come to the Ajman Museum, which is located in an old fort, adding to the flavor and rare tastes that is Ajman. You will find it easy to relax in this emirate as its settings is more sedate than that held by the other states that house and make up the UAE. See the more traditional settings that comprise the UAE when you come to see Ajman. Glittering sands and crystalline waters that ripple, await those who come to visit the Ajman Beach. Various forms of marine life can be experienced as you travel, this also includes several inquisitive dolphin pods to explore and experience.


This is one of the youngest emirates that comprises the UAE, and it is uniquely the only one that doesn’t have a Persian Gulf coastline. Fujairah is a newcomer when it comes to the tourist scene, allowing people to see and enjoy this location as it opens up to the world. This state is home to two of the largest cities in the UAE, Diba and Fujairah City. Here, in these places, tourists can experience a different setting in the UAE. Known for its more natural environment, the would-be traveler will be able to visit many of the ground floor café’s and exciting souks that are offering their delicious confections of shawarmas, falafel, and shishas. Enjoy the sun soaking at the beach that lines the Indian Ocean or walk the many fine avenues that comprise this emirate. The marina attracts many interests to its extreme elegance as well as being able to build moderate trading in the area. You can never go wrong when you come to see the many sites that are offered by this newly established and robust location.


Located in the north end of the Arabian Gulf coastline, this region enjoys the mountain scenery that is shared with its neighbor the Sultanate of Oman. Housing azure seas and pristine white sand beaches, this emirate boasts with luxury and beauty. RAK is quite well-known for being the central location for many tourists to come visit. Bring your boat here to experience the majestic nature that surrounds this marina that displays the Haijar Mountains giving this state a lovely backdrop for those who choose to travel to this locale.


This emirate is known to hold many who come to live and work in the UAE. Having a coastline that is connected to both the eastern and western peninsula allows this state to have a unique environment and tastes that draw forth many visitors. This state is known to be the central location for Islamic education in the UAE. With gorgeous beaches and landmarks of architectural delights and wonders, like the Qanat al Qasba mosque, any traveler is sure to experience a rare moment at the awe of this emirate and the UAE.


This emirate stretches over 800 square kilometers with luxury and beauty that can only be placed in the UAE. Travelers to this state will see the vast coastal mangrove forest that is the rolling dunes and oases that make up the desert. Umm Al Quwain has many sites to offer with traditional activities from the UAE such as falconery and camel racing as well as dhow building. Many of the customs of the UAE can be sought after in this location. To get a good measure of this state, a visitor should explore that sandy islands on the coast. Here, you will find bubbling creeks, immense coastal plains, and dense forests that are sure to delight and entertain the traveler who comes to see the UAE.


When deciding on a marina to take your boat, the seven emirates of the UAE have something for everyone. If you are looking for excitement and the robust nature of modern UAE, then plan your trip to one of the seven emirates that have a more modern touch. For some, the natural setting of the UAE is more to their likings. The UAE offers a wide variety of choices that allows for a wide variety of options because each state has something that is one of a kind to their location. Visiting only one emirate will give the traveler a uniquely wonderful experience, but to truly get the tastes of the UAE, you will have to see more than just one emirate. Try to plan your boat trip to visit several of the marinas to get a good understanding of what the UAE has to offer when it comes to your travels.