Sea for Yourself: How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht?

Dubai has earned a fine reputation as a superyacht destination for those have (or want a taste of) a luxury lifestyle. If planning your visit to Dubai includes renting a yacht, you’ll need to know what it cost to charter a yacht.

Whether you want to rent a yacht for a day or a week or more, understand that yacht rental prices vary. All yachts have a base price, which is a weekly rate for renting the boat. Other expenses and amenities factor in.

How much is a yacht charter? Let’s find out and discuss the options that affect charter prices. Planning a yacht charter is almost as exciting as setting sail.

Basic Costs to Charter a Yacht

Even the base prices for yacht charters range. Expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 per week on the smaller sailing yachts and catamarans. The cost for luxurious motor superyachts comes in about $150,000+ per week.

The total cost of renting a yacht charter depends on several factors, ranging from the type of yacht, to the destination, and local taxes. Before we get to all that, let’s talk about the yacht charter price structure.

Average Costs for Catamarans, Sailing Vessels, and Motored Yachts

The typical cost of a 100-foot sailing yacht, a popular choice, is between $50,000-100,000. Below is a short list of average costs for other catamarans, sailing vessels, and motor yachts.

The prices depend on what type of vessel you want and how long you’re renting it for. Again, all these prices are estimates. They do not include added expenses.

Average Hourly Charter Rates for a Luxury Yacht

Here are average prices in United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED) for shorter cruises on sailing yachts. Keep in mind that prices vary per owner and per cruise package.

  • For a 55-foot yacht, 400-900 AED per hour
  • For a 62-foot yacht, 700-1500 AED per hour
  • For a 77-foot yacht, 1100-2300 AED per hour
  • For an 88-foot yacht, 1400-3000 AED per hour
  • For a 101-foot yacht, 1500-4500 AED per hour

All-Inclusive vs Plus-Expenses

You have two types of crewed yacht charters available to choose from. They are the “All-Inclusive” and “Plus Expenses” charters.

All-Inclusive Yacht Charters

A handful of charters offers all-inclusive rates. Those are usually catamaran and mono-hull charters offered in the Virgin Islands. Rates are based on the number of guests.

The price includes fuel cost as well as all food and drink and water sports. Note that dockage and taxes are separate charges.

Plus-Expenses Charters

You must pay running expenses separately for the larger motor yachts. The base price for luxury charters is for the yacht only. All other expenses are charged individually. They include food and drink, dockage, fuel, and port taxes.

What Else Affects Yacht Charter Prices?

Charter yachts are privately owned. Thus, the owner sets the prices. The season and destination factors in as well. Here are some other factors that impact price.

The Season

Every region has its tourist peak season and off-season. Peak season for Dubai is during the winter from September to March. Dubai is a travel hub for tourists around the world. And winters in Dubai are mild.

The Destination

The more remote your chosen area is, the more expensive it is to charter a yacht to that location. Prices tend to go up in areas where there are fewer boats.

The Vessel

Sailing yachts, catamarans, and motor yachts have different capabilities that affect the price. Extra factors include the year the vessel was built, the builder and owner, and the water toys available.

Yachts form their own reputation. You’ll know which is the most luxurious premium yachts, or which has a famous previous owner or builder. Of course, reputation affects prices as well.

Advance Provisioning Allowance

Often, you’ll pay for the running expenses as an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA). The APA is usually 25-35% of the base price. The APA is due before charter. You may also have to replenish the APA during your charter.

Think of it as an expense account for the captain during the charter. At the end of your charter, you will receive an itemized statement of your APA account. Any unused funds are returned to you.

Taxes and Value Added Tax (VAT)

Most boats don’t include local taxes or a VAT into the charter rate. You will be responsible for paying those taxes. Taxes range significantly by destination.

VAT is sometimes called a goods and services tax (GST). This is a consumption tax placed on a product. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government charges vessel owners a VAT for each charter.

They work the cost of that tax into your charter price. Since 2018, the United Arab Emirates has VAT of approximately 5%. That is low when compared to other countries. Greece, for example, has a VAT of 12%, France 20%, and Italy 22%.


You can buy curtailment and cancellation insurance similar to traveller’s insurance. This type of insurance helps cover costs should you have to cancel or shorten the charter. Charter brokers help you with insurance options.

Laundry Service

Every charter will provide and launder linens much like a hotel. Housekeeping is part of the base price. Though, some charters offer to launder your personal items for an added fee, excluding delicate items of course.

Crew Gratuity

Crew gratuity is not mandatory. Though, it is recommended, especially if the crew provided superior service during your charter experience. Usually, crew gratuity is about 15-20% of the base charter rate.

You hand the gratuity to the captain at the end of your charter.

Delivery Fees

Fees don’t often apply. You may pay delivery costs if you are chartering the yacht outside of its normal cruising ground. Delivery fees cover the fuel for the transport.


Getting away doesn’t mean getting away from it all. Communications are another added cost. Many charters have the options to add satellite communications and the Internet.

Tailor Your Dubai Yacht Charter Experience

Whether you want to charter a 100-foot yacht or a 150-foot motor yacht, enjoy selecting your yacht and destination around Dubai. The cost to charter a yacht has dozens of variables.

Though, that’s all part of the fun in customizing your adventure. Dubai is a phenomenal city, known for its welcoming environment and tourist attractions. It’s rich with architecture, fine art, and of course, luxurious dining and shopping opportunities.

For added comfort and adventure, contact us.