You are the fellow who is fond of yachting but always avoid and intentionally miss out taking the cruise because you fear seasickness (motion sickness) then going through the following lines would definitely help you out in taking your favorite yacht ride this summer. If you are the fellow considering taking your first cruise but confused as you think and doubt that “What if I got sea sick?” In that situation also, you would have to sail, even for a shorter distance, because you will not find a straight answer to your question because this depends on everyone’s very own sensitivity to the motion, of the yacht you are boarded, and further on the conditions that you will encounter once you are in sea.

Last resort first

It would be wiser to carry motion / sea sickness medicines along with you if you are not sure of medical care facilities available onboard your cruiser, although many ships now offer acupuncture as part of their menu of spa treatments while celebrity cruises remain one step ahead by offering “Acupuncture at Sea” clinics. You can obtain the details of the medical assistance available onboard from your cruise liner host.

Start haste less

First and foremost, it is always better and recommended to get a good night sleep, being well hydrated (i.e. drink plenty of water) and avoid having alcohol before your sea excursion. Does size matter

For those who believe in “bigger is better” would like to opt for the larger ships as, based on their size, they usually come up with more stabilizer fins that reduce the (side-to-side) motion to much extent, if not eliminate it completely. Let’s keep it in that vessel sails through the water in its unique way so some may be absolutely fine for you but some may turn your doubts into beliefs. However, no regrets please because how your body will react to a particular type of motion remains unpredictable and one has to discover his own level of tolerance through simple ‘try & err’ approach. In that situation, motion sickness medicine may work as a “chill pill”.

Remain outside for inside comfort

No matter what kind of you ship or cruiser you are on, try to remain on deck in the fresh but if you need to be inside then try to stay in the mid of your vessel as that are is more stable as compared to the other parts of the ship. There you will experience comparatively least rolls and bumps.

You would like to step up the flybridge for enjoying the scenes from an elevated perspective but don’t get immediately tempted to it, stay for a while on the deck till you find yourself fully fit and comfortable. Remember that the higher you go, the greater would be the movement of the ship. Another helpful thing would be to face in the direction your yacht is moving as this would keep you more comfortable but if you feel that you are going to vomit, quickly adjust your posture otherwise. At least for the compiler of this post, things got nasty whenever he tried to travel facing opposite to the

direction of motion.

In case, if moving out to the deck is not an option due to weather situation or access restriction, try to remain in the well-ventilated area. Curling up in the corner or enclosed spaces would make you feel even worse. Further, avoid exposure to the strong scenting foods and colognes as they could be the major source for triggering seasickness. Your little efforts of controlling your breath and keeping your mind busy would prove to be a good help.

Better to be far sighted

Once you get onboard, try to concentrate on the stable object at a distance, along with the Dubai Coastline or the horizon, if in the deep sea. Avoid shaking your head more, keep its motion limited. Avoid shaking your head and looking down at the waves. Try to sync yourself with the motion of the ship instead of resisting against it and tensing your body ultimately.

Get your sea legs

Our fellows, who doubt or suffer seasickness, take it as a permanent health issue which is usually not. They often try to avoid excursions or prefer to go for the shorter one if omitting it is not an option. However, the author would like to mention here with that on longer cruises body starts getting adjusted to the motion of the yacht at some point between 24 to 72 hours tour, so if you are committed to getting your sea legs then contact now.