Charter a Yacht for an Unforgettable Journey Along the Dubai Canal

For an anniversary gift, an exceptional birthday or just because you want to make a memory, have you ever considered cruising down the Dubai Canal with a special friend on a chartered yacht?

Indeed the long awaited canal is open to charter yachts, water sports and plain old fashioned enjoyment.

Imagine a six hour trip sailing through the turquoise waters of the Dubai Canal where you become one with the stunning scenery, where the jaw dropping lights of the city skyline reflect off the waters and where you can gaze at the architecture in all its remarkable beauty.

More possible than ever is the opportunity to rent out a luxurious yacht where you, your family and friends are treated to impeccable service and shown some of the most breathtaking landmarks in all of Dubai.

Whilst sailing, and the choices of your charter are endless with Cozmo Yachts who rent their crafts complete with professional crew members, you get to relax and leave the seaworthy vessels in the hands of people who know what they’re doing.

This is a place where nothing ever rests; where the city is constantly growing and promises are always kept no matter how big they are. The Dubai Water Canal has been long awaited and now journeys just over three kilometers from Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. Flanked by a board-walk that stretches the entire distance, overhead are two pedestrian bridges that gracefully snake from one side to the canal to the other.

This new water canal addition will eventually accommodate residential houses and marinas for those who enjoy waterfront living and there are plans for over 900 more hotel rooms together with more attractions, restaurants and shopping centres. As the sun sets in the desert, one of the most stunning strolls you’ll take is on the board-walk at dusk. With the canal, Dubai is now a series of islands as Satwa, Downtown and Bur Dubai are completely independent of the main metropolis.

As you sail, you get to enjoy the luxury of a rented yacht of your choice whilst capturing memories of the romance of a sunset, or the joy of spending an evening with friends as the water whispers at it laps the port and starboard sides. Oh and by the way, if you’re into deep sea fishing, there’s a boat waiting at Cozmo Yachts for you too.

These yachts are not just for the excitement of cruising along the canal either; you might even consider a corporate event whilst you’re launching your new product. You can hold a very special birthday party for a very special person. And what about that incredibly romantic marriage proposal whilst you dine on decadent fare sourced from local produce?

Enjoying Dubai is enjoying the ways of the locals. You’ll get to appreciate how this city is growing and how every single measurement is planned with stunning accuracy. This is a location that has been and still is being constructed with modernity abounding. Although many much loved and enjoyed facilities like Safa Park and Jumeirah Beach are currently closed due to construction, they will reopen and in fact the beach will be one kilometer longer to accommodate the tourists and visitors that flock to Dubai annually.

Think about a once in a lifetime memory as you get to choose your chartered yacht, its size ranging from 33 all the way to 101 feet and just because you can, you become king and queen for the day. It’s affordable and it’s unforgettable just like Dubai.