Dubai- A haven for watersports

Who would ever think that Dubai, a city in the middle of a dessert can also be a haven for water sports enthusiasts? Well, it is true! Dubai really has something for everyone. With the sun shining almost throughout the year and pristine beaches with crystal clear water, it is neither unusual nor surprising to see watersports freaks take to the waters on a jet ski or banana boat. Watch out! You could also catch a glimpse of people parasailing or flyboarding! If you are thinking about an adventurous day out, read on as we tell you how to find the best package and the best deal to let you enjoy some cool water sports. The ideal way to enjoy some activity in the water is to charter a yacht or hire a boat. Yacht rentals in Dubai have amazing packages to suit every need and purpose. There are hourly rentals, hire for a day and activity based rentals. At Cozmo Yachts, we have deals for a variety of water sports like parasailing, banana boats, donut rides and flyboarding.

What Water Sports can you indulge in?

The long and ever-expanding Dubai coastline offers some great beaches for sports enthusiasts to indulge in all kinds of waterborne activities. Some of these are:


A mania amongst adventure junkies, this activity lets you fly above water! Guests strap on a powerful water-jet board to their feet, take to the waters, allowing the force of the jet help them soar into the sky and perform feats like in Hollywood and Bollywood movies! This intense sports session between sky and sea will leave guests wondering why they’d never tried it earlier. Most sessions last for about 20 minutes and one could always go for a repeat! This sport however, requires the rider to know swimming and is not recommended for children below 12.


Also known to the world as sky gliding, this sport lets you enjoy the majestic view of the sea and the stunning beach landscapes from up above. The rider is attached to a very safe and specially designed canopy, which is pulled by a speed boat, letting them fly above the water. This activity is a no effort, no stress one because the wind and the boat do all the work as riders rise up into the air and fly over the waves. Each session mostly lasts for 5 to 15 minutes and is not recommended for kids below 7 years.

Jet Skiing

Ideally suited for couples, there is no better way to explore the surroundings than riding a jet ski. Jet skis can carry 1-2 persons and lets you steer it like a motorbike. All you need is to turn the handlebars towards the direction you want and off you go, showing off your skills! Most rides last for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the power and speed of the ski.

Banana Boat and Donut Ride

These rides are best suited for young families who would like to indulge in an activity together. These banana or donut-shaped boats usually fit about 4-5 people and is connected to a speedboat, which pulls it along the water at high speeds, letting you enjoy the might and power of the water beneath! These rides are usually not recommended for kids under 10 years of age and are a hit among families and groups of friends. Most banana and donut rides last from 10 to 20 minutes.

Where can you find these activities?

With its number of beaches, Dubai has dedicated beaches for water activities. Nasimi beach also called the Kitesurf beach and Fazza beach also known as the Kite beach are famous for kite surfing between December and April. You can catch windsurfing maniacs at Jumeirah beach. Most beaches also have shops that rent out gears for jet skiing, flyboarding, and parasailing to name a few. However, the best way to make the most of your adventure fetish would be to hire a yacht and let them customize the package for you. Most chartered yachts have deals and packages that can be customized to accommodate a number of activities in one go. The biggest advantage of hiring a yacht to enjoy water sports is that guests don’t have to run from one beach to the other, one shop to another in search of gears and deals. Most boat rentals have it all under one roof and in one boat! The deals are also much better than individual packages. All of Cozmo Yacht’s luxury yacht rentals give you a once in a lifetime experience and also allows you the opportunity to enjoy the latest and most entertaining waters sports available. Be it a simple yet exciting fishing trip or adventurous water sports, there is one for everyone. If you’re all set to venture away from the comforts of our yacht range, you can try a hand at jet-skis, for maximum speed or pump up your adrenaline by riding a fly board, or just move across the ocean in one of our doughnuts. All of these are at your disposal with any yacht you choose to charter. Hire a yacht for rent in Dubai and get ready for a fun-filled, action-packed day. What say? Let’s play! Call NOW! +971 52 944 0222