Dubai Marina – Destination Review

You haven’t seen Dubai if you haven’t been to Dubai Marina! Uber luxurious residences; plush shopping experiences; award winning-world famous yachts; world class entertainment and fine dining restaurants, that is what Dubai Marina is all about. Built on man made canals and situated on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, this posh and picturesque neighborhood is the perfect combination of cosmopolitan vibes and bountiful beaches. Enjoy the panoramic view of the sea as you shop, wine, dine and witness the glitz and glam of Dubai.

What To Look Out For

One can spend an entire day and night at Dubai Marina and still not covered it all. From watching luxury yachts, biting into flavoursome food to partying and playing water sports, there is no dearth of activities and entertainment in this part of Dubai.

Lip Smacking Food

Enjoy and bite into world cuisine from some of the world renowned restaurants, here at Dubai Marina. With options like cheap and delicious falafels and shawarmas; hearty and wholesome Asian cuisine for that time when all you need to have, is a curry; healthy keto and vegan options for those who are committed to being fit and fab at all times, to oozy, gooey desserts, you’ll find it all here. There are also a fair number of fine dining restaurants with cuisines that range from European to Latin American and more.

Unlimited Entertainment

Dance it out at the Dubai Marina neighbourhood as there is no dearth of places that come alive after the sun goes down. Beach clubs, casual lounges, upscale discos, there are a lot to choose from. Adventure junkies can delight as Dubai Marina is also a haven for water sports enthusiasts, zip line freaks and those who are curious about skydiving. For some adrenaline pumping, head out and experience the wind, water and sand like never before.

Shop Till You Drop

Shopping is a must if you visit Dubai. The Dubai Marina is also filled with more than 150 retail outlets of world famous brands. It also has quaint little shops that sell knick knacks to take back home. The Walk at JBR has a curated set of shops that sell quirky art pieces to exquisite high end gifts.

Rent a Yacht

The Dubai Marina is also home to some of the world famous yachts. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s award winning yacht, Dubai, is also docked here. There are numerous other fabulous, eye catching yachts that are docked here. One can charter yachts in Dubai Marina and easily choose from a variety of luxurious yachts and set sail, cruise and enjoy the Dubai coastline in a relaxed and fun manner.


What to Visit In and Around Dubai Marina


The Walk 


A truly mesmerizing promenade that is also the Pride of the Jumeirah Beach Residences. Combining a social atmosphere with a relaxed vibe, it is an ideal spot for folks looking to relax and unwind, away from the blaring traffic. This boulevard is home to stylish boutiques and trendy restaurants to suit every taste- contemporary, traditional or eclectic mix. Do not be surprised if you happen to catch a glimpse or hear the engine roar of some high end sports cars and bikes. Also, feast on some delicious falafels, shawarmas, waffles, sushi and more as you wander!

JBR Beach

Out of all the beaches in Dubai, JBR is the most family-friendly one with cool water and white sands. Adventure enthusiasts can head to the Beach for some cool water sports like Jet Skis, Flyboarding, Parasailing etc. One can also climb on top of a camel and feel the pulse of the Arabian lands as it strodes along the beach. There are flea markets and you can also sign up for a free yoga class or take a floating challenge!

Dubai Canal

The 3.2km man made canal winds its way to the Arabian Gulf from the Creek in Old Dubai, through Business Bay. This also features a spectacular mechanical waterfall cascading off Sheikh Zayed Road bridge.The beauty is that it’s motion operated, which means that it opens like a curtain each time a boat passes. Cruise along the creek and get amazing views of the city and its skyline.

Bluewater Islands

A short walk from JBR will take you to Bluewater Islands. Soon to play host to the distinguished, jaw dropping Ain Dubai, the island looks like a combination of Marina, La Mer and The Walk. It also has a number of food chains, retail outlets and residential complexes.The 15 minute walk along the pedestrian bridge offers the best views of the azure waters, away from the bustling city and blaring traffic!


What to Do in Dubai Marina



A host of water sports! There is one for every age and every level of sophistication. If you are in the mood for some less risky and more family and kid friendly sporting activity, get on a banana boat or donut shaped boat. Take a nice ride on the jet skis or do some harmless parasailing. The more enthusiastic folks can opt for flyboarding, an activity sure to give you an adrenaline rush!


Spend time with loved ones and go on a fishing spree! Rent a yacht and indulge in some sport fishing or deep sea fishing if you are an expert. Watch kids and adults squeal in delight as they catch a fish after some hard work. Get expert tips from pro anglers and grill your catch and eat to your heart’s content!


Go Skydiving in Dubai and experience the opportunity to get once in a lifetime views of the Palm Jumeirah and see it the way it is deemed to be seen, from above! Jump from 13000 ft above and feel the wind under you. The 5 minutes you take to land are sure to give you an experience worth all the fear and risks!


Experience a once in a lifetime thrill of zip lining through the world’s longest urban zip line! The XLine is also one of the steepest and fastest ziplines in the world, measuring one kilometer, with an incline of 16 degrees and an average speed of 80km/h. Zip through astounding views of the glamorous Dubai Marina neighborhood, luxurious five-star yachts and sleek high-rises. Get the ultimate flight like experience as you zip line and land on top of the Dubai Marina Mall!

And most importantly, Eat. Shop. Party. Repeat!

The Jumeirah Beach Residences and Marina area are worth taking a tour of as you are sure to find something interesting to see, do or buy as you meander along. Being close to the beach, the Marina allows one to experience the peace and quiet of the Arabian Sea and the exhilaration of adrenaline rush activities at the beach. You can shoot perfect selfies and take umpteen photos at every nook and corner of the Marina. With insta perfect views everywhere, this place is definitely a day well spent and a great place to soak in everything the Dubai is.