Dubai the top vacation destination

Top Vacation Destination in The World

Dubai is listed as one of the top vacation destinations in the world. People from all across the globe come to Dubai to experience its natural beauty and wonders of the sand, sea, and sun. Dubai is located on the emirate’s northern coastline which gives tourists a wide variety of activities that include fishing, guided fishing tours, boat rental, sunset cruises, swimming, sunbathing, beach combing, and much more. Sightseers can enjoy viewing the skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in this magical city. Just off the Dubai coast visitors can see tropical fish, jellyfish, coral, dugong, dolphins, whales, and sharks.

Summer in Dubai

Summers in Dubai are extremely hot, windy, and humid, but vacationers come to tour Dubai during all seasons of the year, especially on holidays. Online booking and reservations are available for cruises boat rentals, fishing adventures and tours. It is wise to book in advance to ensure availability upon arrival. Dubai is the seventh most visited city in the world. Hotels, motels, vacation homes, and other lodging places offer excellent personalized accommodations to international guests.

Dubai Creek Park

A popular place in Dubai is the Dubai Creek Park playing a major role in tourism with main attractions that include the Dolphinarium, Cable Car, Camel Rides, Horse Carriages and Exotic Birds Shows. Dubai Creek separates Deira from Bur Dubai. Beautiful Islamic architecture can be found all throughout the city. Visitors arrive at the Dubai International Airport which is the seventh largest and busiest airport in the world. Getting around the city is easy because you may choose to walk, ride bikes, take a bus, use public transit, private car hire, rental car, shuttle bus, metro rail, boat, monorail, high speed rail, tramway, and more. Dubai invites you to explore its Islamic and Arab culture, heritage, and history.