Events Outside The Box

Events on chartered yachts are about doing something special, enjoying time with friends and family or making a memory. It is about making the most of everything and creating a fun celebratory atmosphere. Hosting such events on a yacht can provide a unique event and special memory. Hosting a business party on a yacht can boost morale while getting employees away from the bustle of the office and the city. Perhaps your child just graduated college and you want to make them feel like a million bucks. Yachts can provide a relaxed environment that is outside the norm and gets the group away from feeling cooped up in a room, house or office.
The Corporate World
For the corporate world, yachts are a unique and creative environment with reduced stress and fewer distractions. Perhaps the team needs to come up with a new marketing scheme or determine the next year’s budget but have hit a roadblock in creativity and need to have time to step away and bring a fresh perspective to the task; working on a yacht allows time and the environment for new approaches to tasks, constructive thinking, team building and privacy. Yachts can provide an environment for small meetings, brainstorming sessions and even milestone celebrations such as record profits or promotions.
The Family Dynamic
Family gatherings are often about celebrating or making memories. Are you celebrating a recent graduation or possibly a sweet 16 birthday? These events are perfect on a yacht with room to relax on the deck, music, catering services and water sports all being available. It is an opportunity to create a memory that is different and one remembered as not just another birthday or family reunion but a lasting fun memory.
The Special Occasion
Imagine the perfect sunset, candlelight dinner, and being with the perfect girl or guy and asking them to spend your lives together. Perhaps you’ve already popped the question and now want to celebrate with friends and family? Remind the love of your life how happy the past 30 years are by celebrating your anniversary on a yacht. A yacht is a floating party that brings everyone together to enjoy the special moments or for making new ones.
Why a Yacht
Yachts are not just for the rich and famous anymore but rather are also enjoyed by small groups and families alike. These beautiful facilities provide all the amenities expected at any average event with food, drinks, and music with the added bonus of stunning scenery. Families and corporate events can enjoy water sports and activities from the yacht knowing a skilled, experienced and insured crew is taking care of them. Hosting an event on a yacht is outside the box but allows for the expected amenities with a unique environment. Contact us to charter a yacht for your next event and enjoy the beautiful waters of Dubai.