Exclusive Business Perks

Whenever we think of an official meeting or event, for most of us, it’s not more than a physically confined workplace with a typical, formal environment having a large table, sets of microphones, note sheets, a multimedia projector, and cups of coffee.

Recent research reveals that having fun at the workplace can significantly elevate productivity and performance. However, it does not mean that the workplace shall be turned into a casino but some events could be planned to keep the balance, that is, providing some fun time without distracting from the core business.

Let us recall the news of a leading channel which, based on a survey report compiled in the year 2010, revealed that eight percent of companies listed cruise ships as their first choice for a meeting venue, and this interest continues to grow which would have reached to twelve percent, if not double. So, hosting your corporate event on a luxury yacht is one of the best ways to have fun, not exactly at the workplace, but with the corporate mates and clients, taking them a bit far away from the commercial metropolis into a different environment. The event could be of any type like a traditional recurring meeting, a corporate training session, an achievement celebration, or an executive summit.

In the ultra-modern city of Dubai, corporate charters tend to be a preferred venue owing to its broader offerings as compared to land-based venues. The persuasive environment of a super luxury yacht could be the best for hosting the summit to finalize a valuable project with a significant customer that could prove to be a turning point for the organization. Besides, inviting key/long-standing customers to a luxury sportfish or sports-themed charter would be a great way to build and reinforce lasting business relationships. Many targets could be achieved simultaneously through a single corporate yacht charter among which using it for high-impact brand advertising remains vital and would yield an excellent return on investment (ROI). The event theme & flow could be outlined in a fine way to maintain the official decorum as well as to kill boredom.

Let’s begin with the cruise

As you board, first, explore the vessel and enjoy the charming ocean culture of Dubai, from the flybridge. Let the folks observe the fascinating features of the yacht which typically include enclosed living space on the deck, staterooms beneath, and a large amount of lounge, set up for the core business activities.

Commence the trade

Yacht chartered for corporate events are usually customized and equipped with audio/video, Wi-Fi, and all amenities to facilitate the presentations and group discussions. How you want to continue with your program, it’s all up to you. You can conduct the formal session of the event while the yacht is moored at the marina, anchored at some island, or cruising to the destination you desire.

Today, it’s a fun break

Have an interval between the meetings, although timed yet filled with fun. Put on the gear and enjoy water sports like skiing, snorkeling, and swimming. Even if you decide not to dive deep, but still would love to get soaked and uncover the spectacular marine world. For those who love fishing could attempt to grab their share of Redfish, Grouper, Snapper, and Cobia as these species abound in the waters of Dubai, around the year. The rest of the fellows, who generally prefer to stay on the surface, can get to the flybridge of the yacht to enjoy the chit-chat, humor, squeezing breeze, and the adoring sunset. To make it more joyful, it would be good to set up teams, play some games, and award some gifts and funny titles to the participants at the end of the activities.

It’s time to sail back

Join your fellows at the dining table to enjoy a meal and drinks with them. Announce funny titles for the performers, get their feedback, and convey the final word. Once back in the office, cover up that event in your periodicals, with interesting details, as this would serve as the promotional stuff within and outside the organization.