FIFA 2018 aboard Cozmo Yachts!

FIFA 2018 is a much talked about and highly anticipated event which is all set to take place in just about 10 days. The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is getting fans worldwide ready to support their favourite teams as they compete for glory in the sport’s biggest international tournament. The 21st edition of FIFA world Cup will take place in Russia from June 14, 2018 to July 15, 2018 so there will be 32 days of 64 exciting football matches waiting for you. With the excitement building, it is time to start planning your itenary for football viewing. With a lot of football crazy fans in UAE who want to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2018, it looks like the timings are confusing since the world cup is in Russia and it is a country with many different time zones. The Matches in Russia will be played as per UTC+2, UTC+3, UTC+4, UTC+5 and The UAE Standard Time is UTC+4:00. The matches begin between 2 PM and 10 PM and it is a perfect occasion to throw a FIFA party! Whether you want to cheer and follow your home team or get together with friends to cheer on neutral nations, Cozmo Yachts is all set to host your FIFA party aboard their fleet of luxurious yachts! With a well-earned reputation from customers for being entertaining, and providing exemplary customer services, hop aboard one of our award winning yachts and entertain your guests with a custom made menu that is not just delicious but also pays homage to the different countries playing in the tournament. Watch the teams play it out while sipping from a chilled can and grilling some fresh seafood or barbecuing some meat. A private viewing experience for yourself and your friends as you cruise through the pristine waters of Arabian Sea. With ample space and a dedicated service team, we guarantee a perfect venue for party bookings. From intimate groups of 8 up to gatherings of 33 people, Cozmo Yachts will ensure that this football season, you will host a party that will be remembered well after the season ends! Cheer and hoot as your team scores a goal without having to worry about offending neighbours! It’s your party and your time and place to enjoy! Wait no longer! Gather your family and friends on a yacht and cheer on while enjoying the wind and waves! Reach Out To Us Now for Group Packages and Bulk Bookings! Go, Score!