How to Host The Best Bachelorette Party Ever For Your Best Friend?

It may come as the most perplexing plan to carry out where you are not only trying to plan something great for your BFF but also for it to be an everlasting experience and everyone gets to have a wonderful time. If you are in Dubai and if it still hasn’t crossed your mind, then let us help you because renting a yacht in Dubai via Cozmo Yachts should be your way forward from here.

Being a hostess is surely draining as from square one, every step of the way some crucial decision is needed and at times one wrong step can lead to a disastrous situation. Here Cozmo Yachts can come to your rescue and make the entire boat rental experience in Dubai a worthwhile one!

What does the package include?

Cozmo Yachts aims to make every party’s yacht rental experience smooth and full of adventure. Thus, their yacht rental package ensures full-fledged fun. It includes:

  • Yachts – now the best part is you can choose the size of the Dubai yacht according to the number of guests so either it can be for 10 guests or the list can exceed 100 and above guests as Cozmo Yachts proudly hosts Dubai yachts in the sizes ranging between 45 ft to 142 ft.
  • Red Carpet welcome is ensured for the guests so that they can enjoy the premium experience and get to feel like a celebrity.
  • Themed Yacht Rental Dubai Party – Cozmo Yachts will help you in hosting a bachelorette party where you can choose to have the Dubai yachts decorated according to what you have chosen as a theme make it floral-based or something out of the box.
  • Diverse food menu – how can Cozmo Yachts forget the food? In order to make the boat rental experience in Dubai unforgettable we aim to provide a widespread menu to choose from which can then be part of the party yacht experience. Live BBQ is something exclusively we offer and is our customers’ favorite part of the boat rental.
  • Drinks and refreshments – our crew is experienced and useful as they ensure to provide you with water and refreshments throughout the yacht journey.
  • Music – Cozmo Yachts also provides our personalized music experience through a DJ who will play songs and music of your choice throughout.

 What Sites to visit?

The cruising experience is what will make the yacht experience in Dubai the best for your BFF, so plan ahead and you can always plan with Cozmo Yachts so that any hassles can be avoided. There are many sites that can be visited depending on how many hours you want to spend while cruising. One hour usually involves the route in which nearer landmarks are visited such as JBR, Blue Water Island, Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel, etc. Dubai Marina is the starting point of the trip. If you and your friends plan on seeing Burj Al Arab, it is recommended that the cruise trip planned at Dubai Yacht should be around 3 hours. If any of your friends are prone to sea sickness, it will be better to keep the yacht cruise trip reduced to one hour, in order to avoid mishaps and ruin the yacht party experience in Dubai.

How to choose the perfect yacht?

At Cozmo Yachts, you will find a variety of sizes and packages related to yachts. You will be assisted in finding the appropriate yacht size and package related to it while hunting for boat rental in Dubai. The sizes range between 45 Ft to 142 ft yacht size. The yacht size and package will be decided depending on the guest list which you will provide us and on the basis of that the appropriate yacht will be recommended for renting. In a similar way, what package to invest in is another important step to figure out, which will be determined only when we know what you expect from us and what kind of support and amenities you are looking forward to.

What activities can be planned before time?

Lots can be done to make it bachelorette-centric and an entire theme can be planned while yacht booking in Dubai. Keeping in mind what your BFF’s interests are, all of these can be discussed with us and a checklist can be made to ensure everything works according to the bachelorette theme. Some of these that can easily be handled, include:

  • A grand entrance can be planned for your bride-to-be best friend, to make her feel special and out of the world which already involves a red carpet entrance.
  • The decoration that will be carried out in the rented yacht will revolve around the theme and colors that will reflect your BFF’s interests.
  • The music list will be prepared beforehand and will be shared with the DJ already part of the Cozmo Yachts, who will be informed early on and will be synchronized with the plan, also song dedications can always be the best to go about, or even karaoke singing competition.
  • Board games, dance routines, and speeches, all can be planned ahead to make it all perfect for your best friend.

How to carry out booking with Cozmo Yachts?

Booking at Cozmo Yachts is pretty easy and straightforward as not only do we provide assistance directly through face-to-face meetings but also if you have queries related to boat renting that answering regarding yacht rental in Dubai, you can always call us at the number given and shared on the website and Instagram i.e., +971529440222. Rest assured our services related to any event that you want to celebrate with your loved ones can always be discussed and arranged according to your needs. At Cozmo Yachts, your boat renting experience in Dubai can never go wrong as our experience of 9 years has enabled to us be the best in the lot.