Fishing is an interesting and healthy activity itself not just having a fish in the meal. That’s why you would have seen people fishing and would even find some of those always engaged in fishing. All you need is to have some patience for this and for our hasty mates of Dubai, its best time to experience it these days as for October to March is the best season to go for fishing in Dubai waters.

A larger number of folks wait for this season to commence. These days the waters of Dubai are overflowing with lots of marine species. King Fish, Queen Fish, Tuna, Barracuda, Cobia, Grouper are just to name a few, which are most likely to be your catch.

Few of the folks are much enthusiastic for their first fishing trip but some of them end up having an unpleasant trip because ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. So, before setting out for your first deep sea fishing trip, let us explore few things that would definitely complement your fishing experience.

First of all, Google for the yacht charters available in Dubai and select at least three of the top listed charters. Contact each of the charter to check for their availability, special seasonal offerings, and rentals. This little exercise would help you select the charter of your choice and budget. Perhaps, if you want to save your time on this, Cozmo Yachts is there for you, just call and get charter booked now.Once done with the booking, it’s time to decide for the gear.

Although many yacht charters offer complimentary fishing and safety gear to their clients, however, it is better to have your own because the pleasure and perfection offered by the gear of own size and choice could not be attained from the borrowed one, at least the blogger likes to go for the personal one.

But, don’t be overwhelmed when you get down to the market for buying fishing gear as you will find a great collection out there, remember that those would catch your eye more than the real fish. Better to take advice from some fishing geek or a wise colleague.

Cozmo Yachts in Dubai could be the right choice for your fishing charters like other loyal customers who revert, every season, to recall and rejoice the pleasure they had while fishing, partying and celebrating with their friends and family. Having chartered with us, you will not only find our yachts, fishing, and safety gear good but also the crew on board who will take care of you and set you free to enjoy your fishing.