La Mer – another entertainment option added to Dubai

Big News – Big Entertainment Beachfront

The news about the opening of the LA Mer beach would have definitely grabbed the attention of many like me as this large development emerging from the ground had been adding curiosity to most of the visitors who have been to Jumeirah in recent few months. It’s time to visit and explore that the beachfront laid between Village Mall and Mercato has been transformed into a latest, mega entertainment mark offering unlimited entertainment, shopping, dining, and other opportunities to its visitors.

Restaurants & Cafés – All near Jumeirah

In fact opening of this site, owing to its uniqueness, was much awaited by residents of UAE and especially the citizens of Dubai, since it’s beachfront isolated by two peninsulas. Being located at Jumeirah adds further attraction to it. It has an array of attractions, and to begin with, it’s not far from the metropolis which gives the convenience of mobility. Further, the availability of cabanas and day rooms make it convenient for the visitors to enjoy their complete day. In addition to lots of beach activities, LA Mer has a number of officially recognized restaurants and cafes with a variety of fresh and scrumptious eatables on their menu.

Entertainment Options at a Glance

I dropped reading the news in its midst and started to browse for the entertainment options to find out some of its exclusivities, especially for families. Googling a little revealed to me that it’s the entertainment beach with shallow water with many attractions to keep its visitors engaged throughout the day. It has got the outdoor play area and timber walkaways leading to restaurants & ice cream parlors so once the family gets tired of enjoying down the beach so they could regain their energy reserves. For those who are too tired, they have the option of riding a buggy and explore the remaining attractions of this mega-site.

Next Yachting Destination

Since La Mer appears to be aimed at establishing new global benchmarks in beachfront development that would be offering uninterrupted views of Dubai iconic vistas, Cozmo Yachts the leading luxury yacht charter of the metropolis also desires to make this entertainment hub it’s next yachting destination where its cruisers could fully enjoy all sorts of water & beach sports, in addition to outside gymnasia and other youth adored activities.

Dubai Tourism Vision 2020 – Meraas is Committed

Thanks to Meraas for adding this seventh, in fact wonderful, entertainment destination and this is not the end, as its next phase would be the wharf with refabricated rusty steelworks, cinemas, industrial aesthetics alongside the surf park and other unlimited attractions for the shoppers. And also, many thanks to the National newspaper that informed so well & in much detail to its readers.