Luxurious Events On Yachts: The Cozmo Way

Why have an event on the land, when you can have it by sea? We believe in taking events to the next level of luxury without having to break the bank. Cozmo Yachts brings your fantasy to a reality, by sailing around the breathtaking waters in Dubai.

So what type of events on yachts do we provide?

Any event you want, we can do. When you want to have a corporate event that will wow your guests, the only way to go is Cozmo Yachts. With yachts up to 101 feet, it will surely fit your guest list so everybody is comfortable. The crew will take care of your every need whether it be professional or personal, they’re here to make sure your event goes smoothly. Relax with some light refreshments and get down to business. But we don’t blame you if you would rather look at the view instead.

Seeing Dubai from the water is a beautiful sight, either during the day with the crystal blue water or by sunset with the city lights shining bright in the distance. The surrounding view will never disappoint guests, so enjoy unforgettable and fun-filled adventures that will last a lifetime with us.

How about celebrating your birthday on a yacht with your closest friends and family?

We have the yacht for you, with sizes from 30 Feet to 101 Feet your guest list can range from 8 people to 150 people! Cozmo Yachts even can make it a surprise party or a theme party. Whatever your wish is we will accommodate you with the utmost professional service. If you loved your birthday party so much with us, then come back for a family party, perhaps a family reunion by sea.

We will have music, drinks, food, and water activities so there will surely never be a dull moment. All while having privacy by the sea of course, so relax and take in the cool sea breeze. Maybe you would like to propose to the love of your life on one of our yachts on a romantic sunset cruise.

We can make your dream proposal happen and even have some ideas for it as well. We are honored to be a part of your special night and will focus on making everything perfect for you. And if you loved the proposal night so much, come back to us for your engagement party. Show your closest friends and family where it all happened.

Cozmo Yachts will provide you with endless ideas to make your yacht party truly one-in-a-million. Yachting is a true luxury in life that Cozmo Yachts has made a reality with truly affordable prices and packages. So hop on board and enjoy your welcome aboard cocktails and exquisite cuisine and take in the view. We’ll be waiting to hear from you so contact us today!