Moon Island – A perfect blend of ocean and dunes

You are a Dubai resident or on a short trip there, you will consent that it is one of the most modern cities of UAE and not a dusty trading town anymore. In addition to the best hotels, restaurants and clubs, Dubai has further attractions for every type of traveler. The major part of Dubai lies along the coast making yachting as one of the most exciting or super cool things. Going for yachting is convenient also as berths are one of the significant offerings of Dubai Marina.

Your pleasure of touring starts as you set out to Dubai Marina for yacht charter. Worlds’ leading five-star hotels with their remarkable architecture and isolated ocean front located among the skyscrapers add to its stunning attractions. Further, you explore the explicit loftiness of Dubai from a different perspective as you board onto yacht of your choice. You may opt to anchor and enjoy water sports at Palm Jumeirah or enhance your pleasure by escaping into the dunes of Moon Island, making your trip into a unique blend of sea and sand. Shaped like a crescent moon, it is just 70 km away from the Dubai beach and is counted among one of the best places for enjoying water skiing, snorkeling, swimming in crystal clear water or simply having a sunbath, followed by a barbecue of the fish that you have caught while onboard. On your way back, you can make your trip memorable by simply hanging around on the yacht with your friends and dear ones, sitting, talking, dancing or simply reading, snoozing and gorging a scrumptious dinner.

Whether you prefer to organize your own private excursion or join some of the scheduled trips, Cozmo Yachts’ experienced recreation teams are on hand to make sure you have an exciting and unforgettable stay at Dubai.