Tying the Knot – Literally: 7 Tips for the Perfect Yacht Wedding

Is getting married on a boat your lifelong dream? One of the most popular wedding scenes today is the yacht wedding. It’s not only a new twist to the tradition, but it’s also an adventure.

One of the best yacht wedding destinations is Dubai. Between 2012 and 2014, people choosing to get married in Dubai increased by 21.19%. It’s no surprise given how beautiful and romantic Dubai is.

If you’re one of the lucky couples who plan to tie the knot at a yacht, read on. Below are a few tips on how you can get the best yacht wedding.

1. Pick a Good Wedding Schedule

If you already decided on a yacht wedding, the venue isn’t going to be a hard decision for you. The thing you have to worry about is the time of your wedding. This includes the month and time of the day of your yacht wedding.

Everyone has different visions of the perfect yacht wedding. For some, floating in the ocean and rejoicing against a sunset horizon is the ideal wedding scene. For others, it’s enjoying the ocean breeze and giving toasts under a mild midday sun. 

Whichever scene you prefer, it’s always smart to plan your wedding date early. You wouldn’t want your guests sweating in their formal wear. Thus, the ideal season for yacht weddings in Dubai is winter. 

However, you also want to make sure that the date you choose for your wedding date isn’t a wet one. Watch weather forecasts for incoming storms. This will help avoid unwanted weather during your special day.

2. Try Hosting Other Wedding-Related Events on a Boat

Let’s say you aren’t too sold yet on having your wedding reception on a boat. However, it’s at your partner’s insistence that you hold a yacht wedding. If you want to get a feel of how boat parties go, hold smaller celebrations on the yachts instead. 

This can be any wedding-related party at all. It could be a bridal shower or engagement party. You can even host the rehearsal dinner so everyone can get a taste of what the wedding will be like.

Also, hosting other events on a boat can give you the nautical experience without having to commit to it. An experience like this before your big day can help you plan for the wedding. You’d at least know some of the things you need to prepare when you do decide on a yacht wedding.

3. Speak to the Wedding Photographer

How small is the venue on the boat? Will there be enough space for taking formal photos? Or should your wedding photographer stick to taking candid photos instead?

Event photographers often have a big responsibility during weddings. Coordinating with them can help prepare them for the venue or how crowded it’ll be. Talk to your photographer about specific shots you want as well.

4. Consider Seasickness in Guests

We understand that a yacht wedding is something most people won’t miss. However, you must also consider guests who might not have the stomach for it. By it, we mean the rocking motion of boats on the water.

This is especially important to think through if your yacht will take off. Going into the open sea can trigger unpleasant queasiness in guests. Some people might not even realize they can get seasick until they’re in the ocean.

Inform guests beforehand about the venue. If your yacht stays docked or near land, the water will remain calmer. This and the sight of nearby land reduce seasickness.

To be sure, you still want to keep some ginger tea on hand. Ginger ale and ginger candies can also help combat seasickness. You should also inform your guests about how they can avoid seasickness.

5. Go for Yacht Wedding Packages 

Dubai is without a doubt a beautiful place. It’s why it could attract over 14.9 million visitors overnight. It’s also why yacht weddings are a popular goal for many couples.

However, holding a wedding on a boat may be expensive. It’s a good thing that yacht rentals often have all-inclusive packages. This means they include everything you need for a wedding in a package choice.

Everything goes together and is part of the same package. This makes tying the knot on a yacht an affordable yet pleasant experience. As an extra tip, be wary of hidden charges.

6. Prepare Activities for Guests

Getting married on a yacht is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. For you, it could be the happiest day of your life. However, your guests will feel only a fraction of that happiness for you.

As we mentioned above, always consider your guests as well. Make sure they have enough to do during the quiet periods of the celebration. After all, there’s only so much you could do on a boat in the middle of the ocean. 

If you invited middle-aged adults, you need to make sure you offer appropriate entertainment for them. If you know that kids will attend, ensure they have something to busy themselves with when they get bored. Better yet, look for and organize games that everyone can take part in.

7. Ask Questions 

What necessities should you bring to the yacht party? What’s the right attire for a yacht wedding? Should you bring décor and what are the restrictions for that?

Is it possible to change clothes once you’re on-board? Will the boat follow a route or will it remain at the dock? Will the boat have ample heating if your party goes on into the night?

Is your yacht wedding the first time you’re attending a yacht wedding? Even if it isn’t, there’s sure to be some questions burning in the back of your mind. If they do come up, don’t be afraid to ask them to your wedding organizers.

Your wedding organizer is the best person to ask wedding-related questions. If you have any inquiries about the yacht rental, ask the rental company. It’s always better to ask questions to avoid misunderstandings.

Get Wed in Style

That’s it for our 7 tips on how you can get the perfect yacht wedding. We hope you enjoyed and gained some wisdom from this guide. Now, you’re ever more prepared to marry your partner in the high seas.

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