Rent a yacht in Dubai this winter

What to do this winter in Dubai?

Dubai is an amazing city, known for its fine art, architecture, and modernism, having been evolved from a dry desert to becoming the epitome of modern infrastructure. Thanks to its welcoming nature and the experiences it guarantees, Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. With the Burj Khalifa-world’s tallest building, The Atlantis- world’s most luxurious hotel, The Dubai Mall-world’s largest mall and being home to a number of luxurious restaurants and amusement parks in the world, Dubai is undoubtedly the referred family holiday destination.

The perfect time to visit Dubai is during the winter season. From September to March, Dubai becomes a travel hub for tourists around the world. If you are looking for a not so harsh winter and a really pleasant time, September, October and March is perfect; if you want to be a part of the Dubai Shopping Festival and don’t mind the weather being a little cold, December and January is when you should travel.

Apart from the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Creek, Palm Jumeirah, Lego Land and Universal Studios, there is a really enticing and captivating way to enjoy Winter in Dubai! In the recent years, travel enthusiasts in Dubai have found a unique way to view and experience Dubai in a new perspective. What if you could see the iconic buildings, take umpteen photographs, do a bit of shopping, indulge in some water sports or swimming, fish and grill? All this and so much more while enjoying the cool breeze aboard a luxurious yacht! How wonderful! Charter a yacht and experience the glitz and glamorous life aboard a British, Italian or French yacht.

Read on to see a list of activities you can choose from while cruising along the exotic and beautiful Dubai Coastline.

Luxury Reinvented: Revel in world class, award winning service by trained crew whose only aim is to make guests feel relaxed and pampered. With customized menu available, the cruise is bound to leave you in a trance.

Get a master class in fishing: If you are travelling with family or want to have a memorable experience, try a hand at fishing. Get coached from expert anglers and let the captain take you to spots where you are sure to catch some fish! Squeal in delight and watch yourself turn into a toddler when you hook your first fish. Entertainment guaranteed.

Barbecue Party: Treat your loved ones to a memorable barbecue party and show off your angling and grilling skills. Sip on some cold drinks and dance away, while munching on freshly barbecued tidbits.

Watch the sunset: There is no better way to relax than having a drink in one hand and watching the picturesque sunset from the deck of one of our uber-luxurious yachts. Allow the crew to cater to every need and take care of your guests as you create unforgettable memories.

Cruise Away: Allow the captain to take you on the ultimate cruise where you can witness the amalgamation of old world charm and modern architectural wonders! See the iconic buildings and sail through the stunning Dubai Canal while you feast on true Arabic cuisine and sip some heavenly coffee!

Indulge in Watersports: Awaken the sports enthusiast in you as you get high on some cool watersports. From banana boats and donut rides to Jet skis, parasailing and flyboarding, there is something for everyone!

Heading out to Dubai and looking for a fun filled, un-matched, adventurous holiday during the winter season? Speak to Cozmo Yachts and allow our team to customize a package exclusively for you!
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