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Sports Fishing in Dubai

Yacht Cruise Dubai
Fishing in Dubai

Yacht Rental is most indulging, entertaining and energizing recreational activity in Dubai, let it be for water sports, fishing, partying, cruising or just a getaway.


Fishing at bottom or deep sea

Cruising to waters had always been attractive to me and my friends. We used to go for sports fishing thrice in a year, at least. In our native city, we had dedicated last weekend of every month for that activity. We often used have sports fishing sitting on the shore and sometimes had to cruise to deep waters for the abandon hunt.

When moved to Dubai, I found sports fishing the most prevalent activity, especially among our Filipino fellows. Majority of these Kabayans spend their free time fishing at the bottom, along with the seaside. They love to indulge in all types of water sports and spend time in the water in a way as if they were the dearest neighbor of ocean creatures. Those, under water, may miss them or not but these Kabayans seems to be missing them a lot.



Selecting the Yacht Rental in Dubai

Few weeks, after settling in the metropolis, I turned to my routine activities and glad to find much more options for entertainment than those we used to have in our native city. We decided to go for a sports fishing charter, started exploring the yacht rental providers at Dubai Marina and finally chartered with Cozmo Yachts, one of the finest Yacht Rentals in Dubai, well known for its quality yachts fleet and services.



Yachting experience

I was out to sports fishing on a luxury yacht for the first time where I found that sports fishing on a luxury cruise does not include just fishing activity rather it’s a complete outing trip full of fun, especially when sailing in waters of Dubai. Sailing, being on the deck and over the flybridge is quite relaxing and memorable especially the scene of sunset is mesmerizing. Chatting all through the way with pals till the fishing spot is even more interesting.



Fishing is tradition

Especially, for the visitors or tourists, exploring Dubai on a luxury yacht is a marvelous activity as it will garnish their vacation experience since fishing in Dubai is a tradition itself. Citizens indulging in fishing are confident to return with a haul, having a bunch of a single or mix of queenfish, groupers, reef, barracudas and even some sorts of sharks. Deep sea fishing is an interesting activity in Dubai, around the year, as you will get Catfish, Red Snapper, and Barracuda whenever you cruise but for those who are choosy about the catch then they will find the Cobia, Kingfish, Grouper and Queen Fish from the start of November till the end of April. Concluding, the best time for the sport fishing addicts in Dubai is between mid-autumn to mid-spring. Carrying a set of fishing baits, although your charter may provide it onboard but, the enthusiasts definitely prefer, feel convenient and remain successful with their very own stuff.



Sail at peace

When cruising, especially in deep waters, safety is vital. Vessels of Cozmo Yachts, as well as other yacht charters at Dubai Marina, are insured. Further, their captain and crew onboard take well care of the passengers. Lifebuoys and lifesavers are there for the extended safety which makes the cruising experience trustworthy.

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