This Summer, Charter A Yacht in Dubai!

Beat the Heat this Summer!

One of the most common myths about Dubai is that it is too hot to go outside during the summer months. If only people knew what they were missing! Imagine; a cold drink in one hand, while you are taking a sunbath on a luxurious yacht, with the Arabian Waters gently rocking the boat! Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Allow me to burst the myth for you! 

5 reasons to charter a yacht in Dubai, this summer: 

Indulge in Water sports
The best way to beat the heat is to play some watersport. From simple boat rides, to jet-skis and adventurous fly-boarding, there is something for everyone. The cool water splashing over your body on a hot summer day is the best thing ever! Show of your surfing skills and feel the rush of adrenaline! 

Go Fishing
How exciting it will be to catch some fish while cruising! The child in you will never forget that thrill when a fish hooks on to your bait. Fishing is an age no bar activity and is enjoyed by young and old alike! Turn your catch into a sumptuous feat by grilling it and enjoying your hard earned meal! 

Host a Summer Bash
Summer is a great time to get together and have some fun. Host a party for dear and near ones on a yacht and give them an unforgettable summer. Throw a lavish barbecue party, do some swimming or catch some fish! If the heat becomes scorching, get indoors and treat your guests to some lively music or catch up on a good movie. 

Dive, Splash, Swim
Stroke, glide or flip and bring out the fish in you! Jump into the water in areas designated to be safe for swimming in the Arabian Sea. Or, pay homage to the ancestors of Dubai and dive deep to look for pearls! 

Just Chill
If you are in the mood to just relax and spend some time soaking in the sun, there is nothing better than renting a yacht. Discover the Dubai Skyline by cruising along the coast. Get a tan and feast on some amazing food while cruising along the pristine Arabian waters or catch the amazing sunset while enjoying some soothing music and drinks.

No matter what you wish to do, let not the Dubai Summer deter you! Remember, the season is the best time to flaunt those clothes and dress in style. Surely, the cameras will have a lot of work to do!
Go on, get out!