Get Your Boogy On! 7 Summer Party Theme Ideas For Your Dubai Yacht Charter

Dubai is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination because there are so many things to do in Dubai. There is great shopping, delicious restaurants, and cultural attractions that everyone in your group will enjoy.

Renting a yacht is also one of the top must-do activities while you are in Dubai, especially when you are visiting during the summer. The weather in Dubai can get hot, and being out on a yacht is the best way to appreciate the summer sun and the festive spirit of the country.

If you are going to rent a yacht, you want to make the experience one that you and all your guests will remember forever. Throwing a party with the perfect yacht party theme is the best way to make the trip unforgettable.

Below, we’ve put together a list of seven summer party theme ideas that you should consider for your party. Read on!

1. A Night at the Casino

Chartering a yacht is a luxury, and so it makes sense that you would consider yacht club party themes that also reflect a glamorous lifestyle. A chartered yacht is a perfect venue for a casino-themed party. The theme will encourage everyone to let loose, enjoy their luxurious surroundings, and have a good time. 

To reflect the theme, you should set up tables with popular casino games like Black Jack and Russian Roulette. Encourage everyone to dress in their best old-school casino outfits, pulling inspiration from the era of Frank Sinatra. 

At the end of the night, there will be some people who won a lot and some people who lost a lot, but everyone will have had a great time. That’s what a yacht party is all about.   

2. Hollywood Celebrities

If you’re chartering a yacht in Dubai, you’re already living the celebrity lifestyle. You should embrace that with your chosen yacht party theme. Throwing a Hollywood themed party will encourage everyone to dress and act like they are in the spotlight.

Instruct guests to transform themselves into a famous celebrity. Then transform the space with yacht party decorations that reflect the theme. Roll out a red carpet, hang gold stars all around, and put a background for photos.

At the end of the night, you can even have a mini awards ceremony and hand out prizes for best dressed or best impression.   

3. Mexican Fiesta 

A fiesta is one of the best yacht party themes because it’s easy to execute and everyone always has fun. Put up brightly coloured yacht party decorations and hang a few pinatas for fun, and you’re halfway there.

The menu for a Mexican fiesta themed party is also easy to plan. For drinks, you should serve margaritas frozen and on the rocks. You can even create different flavoured margaritas, like mango or strawberry. For food, stick to classic favourites like chips and guacamole and hand-held tacos.

If you really want to make the theme come alive, you can also hire a mariachi band to play music during the party.         

4. Passport to Another Country

You may be chartering a boat in Dubai, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transport yourself–and your party guests–to another country. One of the best boat party theme ideas is to pick a completely different country and build your party around that.

For example, if you picked America, you could red, white, and blue decorations and ask everyone to dress in their best All-American outfit. You could serve classic American cookout food like hot dogs and hamburgers, and play country music throughout the party.

If your theme was Italy, you could have everyone dress in their best Italian-inspired fashion and serve Aperol Spritz and mini pizzas. There are so many ways to interpret this yacht party theme, which is what makes it so fun.   

5. Garden Tea Party

If you’re looking for boat party theme ideas that are a little more sophisticated and civilised, you can’t go wrong with a garden tea party theme. Your guests will appreciate the chance to wear their best day dresses and suits, and you can create a lush garden vibe with your decorations.

In addition to tea, sandwiches, biscuits, and scones, you should also have some chilled champagne available for guests to drink. It makes the party feel a little more festive but is still classy enough for the theme.         

6. Go Nautical 

Throwing a nautical themed party while you’re out on a boat is a little cheeky, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun for all your guests. You can put up a few yacht party decorations like anchors to enhance the theme, but the natural surroundings will play a big role in making this party theme come to life. 

Guests should dress in classic nautical colours like navy and white and can wear captain’s hats or other themed accessories. If you really want to carry the theme through, serve your favourite sea breeze mocktail recipe and a seafood-inspired menu. 

7. Tiki Tropical 

Summer in Dubai can get quite hot, which is a consideration when choosing the best yacht club party themes. A tiki tropical theme will have everyone feeling the heat, in a good way. Themed drinks like Pina Coladas and festive wear like grass skirts and lei necklaces will help everyone cool down.

For decorations, think about palm trees and brightly coloured flowers. You want to make your guests feel like they have stepped onto a tropical beach somewhere. Incorporate tropic fruit like mangos and papayas into the menu, and serve drinks in fresh coconuts for an extra festive touch.      

Want More Summer Party Theme Ideas? 

If you’ve chartered a boat in Dubai, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. The best summer party theme ideas will transform your yacht into an experience your guests could have never imagined.

Think of themes where you can link the decorations, the food, and the dress code together. That will make the party feel festive and get your guests excited for an amazing evening.

For more ideas on how you can have the best summer vacation ever by chartering a yacht, please contact us at any time.