Top Sea Activities in Dubai This Summer

What a lovely sight it is, to watch the waves go up and down, to see fish swimming in the vast ocean, to feel the wind in your hair and to catch the sun go down. All this and so much more to do on a day aboard a luxurious yacht.

Every cruise at Cozmo Yachts begins and ends at the Dubai Marina. Guests are spoilt for choice for everything from the selection of luxury yachts, food and drinks to activities to make the most of the cruise. Most people avoid going to Dubai or going out in the sun during the summer months because of the extreme heat. However, summer is also a great excuse to have some fun in the sea and play around with water. Dubai is blessed with the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea and the coastline is also famous for beaches like Jumeirah Beach and Marina Beach. Whether it is playing on the beach or going adventurous on the water, there is a lot to do, this Summer in Dubai.


Tourists exploring Dubai will vouch that a fishing trip is one such activity that you will never feel bored. Dubai offers some of the finest sports and leisure facilities in the world. Fishing may not be the first leisure activity to spring to mind when visiting this luxurious, cosmopolitan city, but fishing tours are now extremely popular with tourists as it is an amazing activity and the excitement of catching a fish using your angling skills can just not be contained.

Most often, folks who like to indulge in some sport fishing or simply try their luck, head out into the ocean and with the help of trained staff on cruise boats, stop at points that are great spots and start fishing. The Gulf waters have always been blessed with aquatic life, and so fishing in the UAE has always been a rewarding experience.Guests are sure to have a fun time and can even use the barbecue on board to grill their catch and have a good meal.

Dinner Cruise

Food, drinks and entertainment aboard a luxury yacht! That sounds cool right? Be it a romantic sunset cruise followed by a candle light dinner or a relaxed dinner cruise through the Dubai Canal, guests can chose the itinerary and it will be carried out smoothly.

A dinner cruise is a great way to spend summer evenings exploring Dubai in a different manner. Guests can spend time on the deck of the yachts and watch the sun go down or glance at the spectacular architectural display or if it is too warm, they can spend time in the comforts of the air conditioned salon and bedrooms.

A fully equipped kitchen ensures that all meals are freshly prepared and guests can enjoy a fully customisable delicious gourmet dinner, comprising of exciting flavours along with an extensive selection of beverages as you sail along the creek in the moonlight.

Award winning service and soothing music are sure to enhance this enchanting cruise and dining under the stars as you cruise past religious buildings, modern skyscrapers and historical landmarks is surely an unforgettable experience.

Water Sports

Till very recently, Dubai was known as a desert city and people would expect to see just sun and sand.However, for a few years now Dubai has become a paradise for water sport junkies, thanks to its vast coastline, pristine beaches and world class water sports facilities. Guests can go jet skiing or parasailing if they are in the mood for some adventure.

The light hearted can take a banana or donut ride and those who want an adrenaline rage, can opt for flyboarding. Parasailing is a parachute guided by a boat. It rises with the speed of the boat and flies above the water giving you stunning views of Dubai and an exciting feeling of flying!

Love to ride? Then, jet skis are for you. Vroom away on your very own machine and ride through the water. Show off your riding skills and play on water the way you love. Some people like to play with water without too much stress and the donut ride is for those who want a date with the sea in a more relaxed manner. These are inflatable tubes that are preferred by families with kids and it is rode by tethering the tube to a motor boat. Riders glide through the water as the motor boat moves in a swift manner.

If you want a bit of a thrill but cannot go all the way, the Banana Ride is for you. Bump along the waves on a banana shaped tube and hold on tight as the speed boat pulls you along the water. The safety gear and equipment will keep you safe and sound, even if you do fall off.

Fly board is that one activity that requires good grits and it is like having a super power. The power of flying above water. Connected by a tube, attached to a boat, the rider will stand on the board. A pressure pump below the feet will thrust the rider upwards, giving them an exhilarating feeling of flying up and then diving deep down into the water.

Make sure you add at least one of these exciting water activities to your summer trip to Dubai.

Yacht Trip

If you want to do all of the above or simply cruise over the Arabian Sea while taking in the sights and sounds of Dubai, a yacht trip is what you need. Yachting in Dubai has everything to make your holiday or pleasure time perfect. Be it a fun cruise with a part aboard or just some relaxation with your loved ones or just catching a glimpse of Dubai through a different perspective, yachting is highly recommended.

Most yacht rentals in Dubai have packages to suit every need and have a fleet of luxurious yachts to choose from. Depending on the event or purpose, agents recommend the boat, route, itinerary, menu and activities. The boats can range from 8 seaters to 100 guests and the menu can be customised to best suit the package.

Activities on cruises can include barbecue parties, fishing, water sports, in house entertainment or sight seeing to name a few. The cruise route is determined by the captain who is well versed with the sea route and he will be able to take guests towards spots that are perfect for each activity. With award winning service and a well experienced crew to take care of every need, a luxury cruise is a must do for every person visiting Dubai.

Cozmo Yachts have been around to cater to every need of customers and can create magical experiences for you and your loved ones. Come, see the sea with us and have an experience of a lifetime.