The Season for Deep-Sea Fishing in Dubai Is Out There

A calm sea, and an exquisite yacht, doesn’t it sound like the perfect way to spend a day, either alone or with friends? The waters of Dubai are always open for people who are interested in Fishing in the open sea, and the months from October to May serve as icing on the cake.

Want To Soothe Yourself – Go Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

If you are ever stressed and you want time alone, go fishing and not some normal fishing, go for deep sea fishing. In Dubai, you get this opportunity plenty of times where the calm water all around you will make you throw your stress into it and enjoy the moment. You can chill alone, without any disturbance, catch your calm back, and spend some alone time.

You Are a Workaholic – It’s Time for Your Chill Pill

Go for a boat or preferably yacht rental in Dubai, offering a good package of Fishing on a Yacht, like we once had with Cozmo Yachts. Bring along your friends with you on these spacious yachts. It is not merely a fishing trip, rather you can party with your friends for every mighty catch you have onboard. Else than that, deep sea fishing and the view will surely steal your heart and you will never like to leave the place.

Keep Yachting & Exploring – Keep Capturing & Sharing

There are several venues for deep-sea fishing in Dubai, and you can choose any of your liking. If you are a newbie here in Dubai, check with your colleagues or even the waiter at your service and he is instantly going to name you some very famous spots here like Jumeirah Beach, Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Seif Road Dubai Creek, and Al Gharoud Bridge. These places are not only good for fishing, but they are best when it comes to viewing modern architecture. For example, Jumeirah Beach is a perfect place to stay at sea and appreciate the beauty on land. When having a look at it from the sea, you see a small belt of sand in the form of a beach, and next to it, the most luxurious buildings in the world standing tall and handsome. The second such view is the Al Maktoum Bridge. It is a foldable bridge and is also known as a floating bridge. While standing around Al Maktoum Bridge, one can see both sides of Dubai, both of them fully developed and stunning. Moreover, the night view of this bridge is ethereal, traffic going through the bridge at night and the lights of vehicles make it look like a scene from some sci-fi movie or some fantasy land. So, film your day, and keep a refreshing memory for you in stock for any time you want to look back.

Fish The Way You Like – Go for A Different Every time

If someone says that fishing is one of the most underrated hobbies in Dubai, at least I would agree with it. I know you won’t believe me, nobody does until they see it with their eyes, and I am sure once you experience it, you’ll believe it too like I got nicked ‘fisherman’ because I got somewhat addicted to fishing in Dubai. I cannot claim to know the waters of Dubai inside out but have caught a vast variety of fish in the waters of Dubai commonly barracuda, king fish, red snapper, grouper and queen fish even smaller sharks, and marlin. You don’t believe me? Come with me! Let’s hunt out together.

One Stop of Harboring – Many Options for Yachting

Let me mention here that you don’t have to worry about the fishing styles you normally take like trolling, spinning, or cast baiting, you can do it the way you like, and most of them are made easier by the yacht rental services you charter in Dubai. All you need to do is make an imminent stop at the Dubai Marina and board the luxurious yacht of your choice to go deep fishing. It is a ride you must have been waiting for so long. Go for an inclusive package of yacht rental if you can’t wait for your catch to grill it on board. They have food and beverages available for you on the yacht. If you are not an experienced angler then be ready for your dear mates, especially those deep-sea fishing enthusiasts onboard, who may keep preying on you with words on “how to catch the fish proficiently?”.