The Speed of Yachts: Are Yachts Slow as We Think?

Do you also belong to the group of people wondering how fast can yachts go? Wondering whether yachts are as slow as they seem? Today, we’ll embark on a journey to break down the myths surrounding the speed of yachts.
There is no one-size-fits-all situation. Yacht speeds vary based on different factors. Let us explain more clearly to you. Consider these examples, if you’re a fisherman sticking to calm water, you might want your yacht to go at the top speed. On the other hand, if you’re one of those tourists who are looking to hit the open waters of Dubai with the wind in your hair, you’ll need something faster. So, these examples mean depending on what you want to do with your yacht, the speed of your yacht matters.
The yachting world is diverse. From the adrenaline-pumping speeds of luxury sport yachts to the relaxed pace of trawlers, there’s a yacht for every pace and preference. It’s important to understand this variety when considering the real speed of yachts. Let’s see what are the factors that determine how fast yachts can go.


Hull Design: Think of the hull as the superhero cape of the yacht. The design of this underwater portion greatly influences the speed. Some yachts have a sleek, deep V hull that cuts through waves with great precision allowing for higher speeds. Others may have more rounded hulls, offering stability but lesser speed.

Weight and size: The lighter and sleeker the yacht, the faster it can go through the water. Size matters too – larger yachts may not be able to as fast but they compensate with stability and luxury.

Engine Power: Yachts come with various Engine configurations, and their power is like the horsepower in your car. More power generally means more speed. Modern yachts often have state-of-the-art propulsion systems, allowing achieving speed previously thought unattainable. Therefore, when you look for a yacht rental in Dubai, keep an eye on the engine specification.

Wind and Sea conditions: Wind and sea directions can either be your yacht’s friend or enemy. A calm sea and a gentle breeze can turn your yacht into a swift seafarer, while stormy seas may require a more leisurely pace.

Now let’s break down the common myths that surround the speed of the yachts.

Myth 1: Yachts are slow

Let’s start by talking about a common misunderstanding that yachts move at a pace slower than a tortoise on a stroll. In reality, modern yachts are equipped with powerful engines that can propel them at different & impressive speeds. Gone are the days when yachts were merely floating: today they are designed for both luxury and speed.

Myth 2: Yacht rides are more of a slow roll than a fast ride

People often think that riding on a yacht in UAE means a slow and lazy drift similar to a lazy Sunday. But the fact is Yacht rentals in UAE offer various options, including high-speed cruises that allow you to experience the thrill of cruising through the serene waters.

Myth 3: Yachts are too big to pick up speed

Some may argue that the fact that the size of the yachts can affect their ability to pick up speed. However, technological advancements have transformed these slow yachts into agile vessels that can gracefully go at a higher speed.

Whatever the purpose, some of us consider a yacht as a floating home or a personal getaway. Therefore, they would prefer going at a slow speed instead of rushing to a destination. And for those of you who prioritize entertaining guests on the yacht, it’s important to maintain a normal speed. Going at high speeds might give you a rough ride, and that’s not great when you’re hosting dinners or parties.
One of the other main reasons is safety. Faster speeds, especially in unpredictable waters can be a danger. Therefore, yacht owners who prioritize the safety of their family or guests would like to go for a more stable speed. Last and finally. faster yachts consume more fuel rapidly when speeding. Racing through the waters can wear down your yacht faster.

Yacht Rental Dubai: The Need for Speed with Cozmo Yachts

Now that we’ve exposed these myths, the next time someone tells you that yachts in the UAE are slow and steady, you can confidently set the record straight. Yacht rental in Dubai, especially with Cozmo Yachts, offers an exhilarating experience. Cozmo Yachts not only dismisses the myth of slow yachts but takes it a step further by providing options for high-speed adventures. Whether you’re planning a romantic sunset cruise in Dubai or a thrilling water escapade with friends, contact us today. Cozmo Yachts has the perfect yacht to suit your needs.