Gone Fishin’: The Top Tips for Fishing in Dubai

Are you planning a vacation in Dubai?

You have probably put together a bucket list of all the fun things you want to do.

Most people usually have the following five activities at the top of their itinerary when visiting Dubai:

  • Shopping at the Dubai Mall
  • Visiting the Gold Souk
  • Getting to the top of Burj Khalifa
  • Skiing and skydiving
  • The desert safari

All these activities define modern Dubai. But, did you know that traditional Emiratis depended on fishing for survival and that there are over 500 marine species in the UAE? Fishing has evolved to become a prevalent sport in Dubai, and the city hosts some of the best sea fishing events in the world.

The guidelines below will help you have enjoyable time fishing in Dubai.

1. Selecting the Perfect Time to Go Fishing

The best time to go fishing in the UAE is between January and May. In the UAE, the winter is best for yacht rental and runs from November to April.

Winter temperatures range between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect time to go fishing. March is the best month of the fishing season.

It is still possible to go fishing in the summer season between June and October. However, the temperatures can go up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures make summer fishing prickly. Also, the catch is significantly lower.

2. Choosing the Perfect Fishing Method

Dubai fishing charters offer you a choice between traditional and modern fishing methods.  The following are the most popular modern fishing methods:

  • Bait fishing: The fishing charter will provide the rods, hooks and other hardware at a fee. However, if you are a fishing enthusiast, you can bring your equipment and live bait such as worms. You can also use artificial lures.
  • Spinning: In this technique, the angler uses a spinning lure which spins, reeling in the fish.
  • Kayak fishing: Kayaks are the best for deep sea fishing. They are slower than boats, but they can reach places where boats cannot.
  • Deep sea fishing: You use techniques like trolling and bottom fishing. Note that trawling is illegal in the UAE.

Traditional fishing methods involve the use of traps such as Hadra, Gargour, and Al Salia. The three are snares which help hold back fish after high tide, and work well close to the seashore.

3. Deciding between Shore and Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

The warm Arabian waters are known for a good supply of fish species such as:

  • Fluke
  • Bluefish
  • Porgy
  • Striped bass
  • Flounder
  • Cobia
  • Kingfish
  • Small shark

The variety of species you can catch increases as you get further away from the shore. Dubai has some tour fishing companies. They provide sport fishing boats with competent captains. The boats also come equipped with superior quality fishing equipment.

The best places to go deep sea fishing include:

  • The Dubai Creek after the Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Dibba close to the Maktoum bridge
  • Dorado on the East Coast

Shore fishing is also an option. To be successful at it, you need different rods and a lot of patience.

4. Choosing Ideal Fishing Equipment

First, decide on the fishing charter to use. If you have asked yourself, ‘what do I need to go fishing?’ Well, these questions will help you select a charter that will meet your needs:

  • How many crew members will be on the boat? Aim for at least two, one to man the boat and the other to help you set up.
  • Will you do trolling or bottom fishing? Many charters avoid trolling because of fuel consumption. However, if you want to catch big fish, choose a charter that will let you troll.
  • How far off the shore will you go? Choose charters that will take you beyond 20 kilometres from the shore without minding fuel costs.
  • What is the ideal boat size? Look for a boat which is at least 41 feet and has a washroom on board. Companies that offer yacht rental Dubai can also help you.

Other crucial tips on picking fishing paraphernalia include the following:

  • Ask the supply store manager to provide the best line, hooks, and other gear.
  • Tie and retie the hooks throughout the trip.
  • When choosing lures, ensure the colour matches water clarity. If the waters are dark, use bright coloured lures and if the water is clear, choose neutral lures.
  • Use a new tackle after one or two fishing trips.

You may also need the following items for an exultant fishing trip:

  • A hat or a cap and sunglasses
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • A change of clothes
  • Your jigging rods
  • Seasickness tablets

5. Following the Rules and Regulations

Dubai has very stiff rules and regulations governing recreational fishing. You will need a license or hook-line fishing.

To apply for the license, you will need your passport, residence visa, and a passport size photo. If you own a boat, the authorities will require seeing your boat license or rental permit.

Deep sea fishing trips depend on the weather. The coast guard decides whether weather conditions are auspicious enough for catching fish. You have to carry your passport for deep sea fishing trips. Share your fishing experiences and ask questions from other people who have done it before. They might have useful tips and guidelines for you.

Also, always prioritize your safety on the waters. Wear a life jacket and avoid situations that could lead to boating accidents.

6. Determining the Cost of the Trip

You will get two pricing options for all fishing trips. Private trips are more expensive than sharing trips. Daily private trips feature a maximum of six people and will cost you up to 2000 AED. Sharing trips can have as many people as the capacity of the boat. Sharing trips cost 500 AED on average.

Getting the Customised Deep Sea Fishing Experience

Fishing in Dubai is an experience of a lifetime, especially when you know when to fish, where to fish and the perfect charter company to help you. Private tour fishing companies offer you services such as a sport fishing boat, experienced crew and captain and limitless number of fishing techniques. They also offer:

  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Snacks and refreshments
  • Navigational equipment
  • Washroom facilities and many more

Visit our yacht rental company for the excellent assistance with fishing boats, crew and any other help you may need.