Things To Know For Hosting Yacht Party

Whether you are hosting a Yacht Party or have got invited to one, surely there must be a lot of questions on your mind now. Fret not! At Cozmo Yachts, our well experienced, award winning team is here to patiently answer your queries and concerns.

Most people think of hosting a party as a huge deal and if the party is aboard a yacht, they think it is very difficult to pull it off. Absolutely not! With the right information and a supportive yacht charter agent, you can pull it off with absolute ease and enjoy the party in full swing.

Adept at hosting yacht parties in Dubai, here are some of the most common queries posed by our guests.

What should I wear to a yacht party?

Instead of going head to toe, let us begin bottom’s up! Footwear is one of the most crucial element for a yacht party look. Be it soft soled or non marking shoes, it is most ideal to wear something that is not slippery and a pair that you are really comfortable wearing. Fancy flip flops or sports sandals are the best choice.

Less is classy while dressing for a yacht party. A comfortable casual look is the best bet. Women can opt for a dress or jeans and men can can sport a buttoned down jeans and t shirt. Adorn a pair of cool, statement glasses with a wide brimmed hat and you would have slayed the yacht party look!

Don’t forget to lather some sunscreen and lip balm to complete the suave and chic, effortlessly stylish look.

How much is a private yacht party?

Contrary to what people think, a private yacht party need not be as costly as most people believe it to be. Most charter yachts are priced hourly. Each yacht party is customised to suit the theme, requirement and budget of the guests. The cost of throwing a yacht party depends on the following factors;

  • The size of the yacht
    Depending on the number of guests, the agents decide what yacht would be perfect. Yacht sizes range from 30ft to 100ft
  • Number of guests
    Charter yachts can accommodate 2 to 100 guests at a time and the number decides the size of the yacht.
  • Theme of the party
    Hosts should choose what to celebrate on a yacht. From anniversaries or birthdays to success parties or simple get togethers, hosts have to decide what the purpose of the party is and the crew can customise the menu, decor and activities.
  • Activities Aboard
    The hosts also need to select what activities they want the guests to enjoy aboard the yacht. Fishing expeditions, water sports, sight-seeing or dancing, the charter agents can plan accordingly.
  • Other expenses
    Service charges and some other expenses will also be added to the package and the agents will quote a price.

Whether you are still contemplating a yacht party or thinking about saving for one, get in touch with us at Cozmo Yachts and we promise you will never be disappointed.

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