Things to know before booking a yacht

Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai is gaining popularity among locals and tourists alike. The locals want to step away from the buzzing and ever hustling Dubai, while the tourists want to see all the sights of this lovely land in a unique manner. Some want to just cruise, while some want to party or enjoy some sports. However, to make the experience absolutely hassle free and delightful, there are a few things one must consider before clicking on the “Book Now” button.

To begin with, have a plan and figure out how many guests you need to accommodate. Every boat has a capacity of the number of people it can host at a time and in order to choose the best boat, you will need to have clarity on the number of people you will be hosting. Most yachts will have a size and number of people it can accommodate on display, to make it easier for clients to choose.

Once the boat is taken care of, the next thing to think about is how many hours you want to cruise or rather, what is the purpose of the cruise. Most yacht charter companies have yacht rental packages that clients can choose from; sight- seeing, for parties, fishing expeditions etc. Depending on the hours you have, agents can also customise the package for you. While cruising and while calculating the hours required, be sensitive to the other clients and make sure you de- board in time and follow the captain’s instructions. This is to avoid inconvenience to both the next users and to the yacht provider as well.

All cruises embark from Dubai Marina and once the cruise time and yacht is finalised, the captain will ask you to pick a route. Depending on the purpose of the cruise, the agents can help you figure out the best route to take. There are routes specific to sight-seeing, for adventurous water sports or fishing, for just cruising etc.

Although most luxury charter yachts have fully-equipped kitchens, if you want to play master-chef and cook up a meal for your guests, you can. Alternatively, you could also ask the agents to arrange the food and drinks. Whatever the plan, it is imperative to let the agents know at the time of booking itself, to avoid, last minute complications.

The final thing to keep in mind is to read the fine print and the guidelines that every charter company will have. Clarify any doubts you have and feel free to ask for any customisation.

Now that you have it all planned. Book the date, send the invites, get your gear ready and go cruise!