Tips of yachting for beginners

Yachting is a great idea to spend some good time away from the land & get relaxed, but beginners need to know a few things before going to a yacht as they have never been to one. Following are some basic tips for beginners in yachting.
1. First thing first: if you are hiring a yacht, make sure you have the best dealer who will guide you each and everything and will ask you about which sort of arrangements you want onboard or if are you planning to have some celebrations. They will inquire about your family or with whom you are going as well. You may check the promotions they are offering before booking a yacht.
2. Dress well: while on a yacht, you need to dress casually. No need to wear heavy dresses, especially the ladies as they always wanted to show off their new expensive dresses. Be careful the heavy dress will not make you comfortable. Also don’t wear shoes with high heels as you have to remain bare-footed all the time as shoes are not allowed on many yachts and it’s advised to have your pedicure done as well.
3. Children and Animals: if you have children with you don’t worry yacht is safe for them even if you have a small baby. Don’t worry about them because the yacht always remains locked and the crew members, may charge extra, but take care of your adolescent. If you have animals, especially a big dog then maybe you won’t be allowed to take it on a yacht as it becomes a little frown but if you have a baby dog then you can negotiate with the crew.
4. Crew members: there are 3 crew members onboard including a captain and it depends on the size of the yacht. There will be all sorts of crew members some will be very friendly and take care of you all the time and some will be rude and remain invisible. But you need to behave well and if you want them to call you Madam or Sir then you can have this royal service as well.
5. Tips to the crew: it’s always a matter of pondering how much to give to crew members but don’t get stressed you can either give them tips for every service separately or you can put the amount in the envelope and hand it over to the captain while leaving the yacht or you can tell your dealer to give the remaining amount to them.
6. Sea sickness: it is a basic element of fear especially for beginners on the yacht but now is calm and comfortable as most of the yachts now have stabilizers which will make you feel like you are in a villa. So be calm and happy and enjoy the trip.
7. Behavior: finally behave well on the yacht. It is the other thing that social media things like cell phones etc. are not allowed on a yacht so what is done inside remains forever but as a respectable person especially in front of the crew, you need to behave well.
So, for beginners all the above-mentioned tips are necessary, and don’t worry as it going to be a world-class experience for you but be aware of a few things to have a happy journey onboard.
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