You haven’t seen Dubai if you haven’t been to Dubai Marina! Uber luxurious residences; plush shopping experiences; award winning-world famous yachts; world class entertainment and fine dining restaurants, that is what Dubai Marina is all about. Built on man made canals and situated on the coast of

Preparation of Dubai Shopping Festival 2018 would be in full swing as only a few days are left to one of that mega event of the Dubai. This event reminds me of my first visit to Dubai, a couple of years back when our organization decided to participate in that festival to promote a diversified range of our new products to attract the buyers across the globe.

The news about the opening of the LA Mer beach would have definitely grabbed the attention of many like me as this large development emerging from the ground had been adding curiosity to most of the visitors.

Luxury, beauty, and above all, perfection at heart, the United Arab Emirates have transformed a desert into a world renown oasis of delight and pleasure.

A water canal can be described as a man-made waterway that has been built for a number of different reasons. Engineers and other professionals in this industry design them so that they can be a medium for a wide variety of different purposes.

If sailing the open sea to distant sandy shores sounds like your idea of a vacation, there is no better way to get there than bouncing along the waters on a yacht. Even if you don’t have a yacht of your own.

You are a Dubai resident or on a short trip there, you will consent that it is one of the most modern cities of UAE and not a dusty trading town anymore.

It is said that witnessing a sunset in the waters off the coast of Dubai is one of the most memorable experiences one can have in the natural world.