When you decide to go on deep-sea fishing in Dubai, everyone sets out to quest for an item, someone starts looking for the best fishing spot in Dubai, someone gets engaged in arranging the fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing bait, fishing lures etc. for the big catch while the remaining work on

Are you planning a vacation in Dubai? You have probably put together a bucket list of all the fun things you want to do. Most people usually have the following five activities at the top of their itinerary when visiting Dubai: Shopping at the Dubai Mall Visiting the Gold Souk Getting to the top of

Cruising to waters had always been attractive to me and my friends. We used to go for sports fishing thrice in a year, at least. In our native city, we had dedicated last weekend of every month for that activity. We often used have sports fishing sitting on the shore and sometimes had to cruise to deep waters for the abandon hunt.

Fishing is an interesting and healthy activity itself not just having a fish in the meal. That’s why you would have seen people fishing and would even find some of those always engaged in fishing.

Picture yourself sitting on a yacht, feeling the swell of the waves against the gently rocking the boat, while you wait for the fish that will grant you bragging rights with all of your fisher-friends.

The optimal fishing season in Dubai runs from October through May, so now is the time to book that chartered deep-sea fishing journey that you've always dreamed about.

If you are looking for an adventure and love the thrill and excitement of the seas, deep sea fishing on a charter yacht in Dubai will provide you with all of the above and even more.