Travelling to Dubai? Here’s How You Can Get the Most out of Your Trip!

Dubai welcomed 15.8 million international tourists during the past 2 years, making it the 6th most popular city to visit in the world! And there’s a good reason why.

Dubai is known for its fine dining, luxury activities, and world-class shopping. It’s the perfect location for anyone who wants to spend their trip pampering themselves and feeling like royalty.

However, travelling is often a stressful experience. You may run into bad weather, regret your hotel choice, or find that the tour you most wanted to do is all booked up.

Luckily, by following a few tips when travelling to Dubai, you can ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Want to learn more? Then keep reading to discover how you can get the most out of your upcoming trip to Dubai!

Visit During the Winter

Dubai in the summer is extremely hot. You may find that you want to cut your sightseeing tours short because the heat is just unbearable.

However, the winter months (November-March) are beautiful. It’s still warm, so you can leave those heavy coats at home, but you won’t be left sweating all day.

Of course, this is also the peak season for tourism, so expect plenty of crowds. Mid-November through early December and early March are considered the shoulder season. The weather is still nice, but the peak season hasn’t hit just yet, so you can enjoy fewer crowds during this time.

Book Hotels and Activities Early

If you plan on visiting during the peak season, make sure you start booking things early. Hotels often fill up a few months in advance, so make sure you start looking at least 3 months before your trip. While many of the best activities in Dubai don’t require a reservation, make sure you start scheduling any tours you want to do before your trip.

Take a Taxi

Taxis have a reputation for being the most expensive mode of transportation. While the taxis in Dubai are more expensive than the bus or Metro, they’re actually still affordable.

The metro system can often be inconvenient, and there aren’t always stops near popular attractions. Because of this, you’ll save a lot of time and hassle by just taking a taxi. Since taxis aren’t super expensive, you won’t break the bank either.

However, keep in mind that the taxi drivers may not know where to go if you just give them an address. Consider carrying a map with you or finding out the nearest landmark to ensure you get where you need to be.

Splurge on a Luxury Activity

Dubai is famous for it’s extravagant and luxurious activities. So, no trip here would be complete without splurging on something that makes you feel like a millionaire.

While you could go on a shopping spree or get a nice massage, consider doing something a bit more unique, like renting a party yacht. You can cut loose on the water while being served drinks and snacks. You can even have your very own DJ to really get the party started.

Check out a Local Market

You can’t go to Dubai without spending at least one afternoon shopping. While there are plenty of high-end shops in the city centre, don’t forget to travel a little further away to check out a souk (market).

Here, you’ll enjoy a whole different experience. People from all over the Middle East come to souks to trade their goods, and you’ll find anything from spices to gold. If you want to focus on jewellery, head over to the Gold Souk, where vendors sell high-end jewellery made with silver, gold, and precious stones.

Don’t Overlook the Malls

When researching what to do in Dubai, you’ve likely seen article after article mention Dubai’s malls. Some people choose to skip these in favour of a more culturally-enriching activity, like shopping at a souk or visiting a museum.

But the malls in Dubai truly are something else. The Dubai Mall, for example, is packed with activities, including an ice rink, an aquarium, and a VR park—just to name a few. While you shouldn’t spend your whole trip in the city’s malls, be sure to set aside at least a few hours to check one out.

Eat Street Food and Fine Dining

Eating local food is one of the best parts of travelling to a new country. However, you’ll notice that there are quite a few international chains in Dubai, including Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Tim Hortons.

While you may be tempted to go with a “safe bet” by eating food you’re familiar with, the best way to get the full experience on your trip is to eat the local food. If you’re not sure what you’d like, start by eating some street food as it’s very affordable and safe to eat.

Of course, you may also want to splurge on some nicer meals. Dubai is known for its fine dining, and there are quite a few Michelin star restaurants. Consider trying at least one upscale meal to experience the best of Dubai’s food scene.

Your Guide to Travelling to Dubai

Don’t leave for trip unprepared! Instead, follow the guide above to help you get the most out of your vacation when travelling to Dubai. From visiting when the weather is nice to partying on a yacht, there are many ways you can ensure your trip is unforgettable.

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