The Types of Fish You’ll Catch in Dubai

The optimal fishing season in Dubai runs from October through May, so now is the time to book that chartered deep-sea fishing journey that you’ve always dreamed about. Before you set off on the open sea, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about the types of fish that you can expect to catch. Knowing your target will go a long way towards finding it and reeling it in.
The queenfish averages 80cm in length, and has a strongly compressed, oblong-shaped body, with either a single or double line of spots running along its sides. They’re often found in inshore lagoons, reefs, and around offshore islands. Being daytime feeders, that’s the best time to fish for them. Catch them with small, live bait, and trolled lures. Remove their coarse, leathery skin before cooking.
While you should always exercise caution when handling fish, be especially careful with the queenfish! Avoid touching the spines of the dorsal and anal fins, as they are poisonous and can inflict painful wounds.
Kingfish (or king mackerel)
Reaching up to 84cm in length, the kingfish is one of the most widely sought-after sport fish. Their bodies are long and narrow, and they come in shades of blue and silvery grey that gradually fade down to a white belly. Its sides are marked with a series of narrow lines that give it a shimmering, tiger-striped appearance. Find them offshore near reefs or oil rigs. These skilled predators like to follow schools of bait fish, so be on the lookout for diving birds. They’ll point you in the right direction. The kingfish’s sharp teeth will cut through anything but a wireline, and your best bet for catching them is by trolling with live bait and lures.
These bottom-dwelling, stout fish grow to around 75cm in length. Through their wide mouths, they consume their prey (mostly crustaceans) using suction to swallow them whole. Find them out in the deep, coastal reefs. They’re most active around dusk, which is when they feed. To catch them, use bottom fishing techniques with squid bait. Grouper can be cooked and served up in a countless variety of ways, and is considered one of the tastiest fish to eat.
Often exceeding 100cm in length, the cobia is another popular sports fish both for its size and appealing taste. Its body is long, smooth, and dark brown which gradually fades to white on its belly, with two darker brown horizontal bands along the flanks. Their diet consists mostly of crustaceans, squid, and smaller fish. They can often be found trailing larger sea-dwellers in hopes of scavenging their leftovers. To catch cobia, you’ll need a heavy tackle. These strong fish put up a big fight, with long runs. Crab and mullet make the best bait.
While these are the most commonly caught fish in the area, they certainly aren’t alone in this lush ocean habitat. You might also catch threadfin bream, ladyfish, barracuda, sheri, dorado, yellowfin tuna, and many more!
To book your chartered deep-sea fishing adventure in Dubai, contact us today. Our expert guides will take you to the best fishing spots and provide all of the help you need to make your big catch!