The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Yacht Party for Your Birthday

Celebrations; big or small, extravagant or reasonable, birthday or anniversary, is always special. Milestones in your life must be special and should be remembered till the very end. Celebrate your special day in a way that leaves people rave about for years!

Imagine living like the rich and famous, if only for a short time. Gift yourself and the people you love a day that is unforgettable, a day like celebrities live. A day that will leave you mesmerised and yearning for more. A memorable day cruising by the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea in a luxurious and indulgent yacht.

Planning a special party for a special day can be demanding and tedious and very expensive! So not true! Clearly, it is a misconception. A yacht party at Cozmo Yachts is anything but all this! It is exciting, relaxing, stylish and comes at very reasonable rates!

Decadent, chic and, by their very nature, exclusive, it’s no wonder that super yacht party invitations are the most coveted of all. And if you are the host, it becomes the test of your taste and style. However, a yacht party is the ultimate reflection of class and style. Though they can be casual and fun, they can also be simply some of the most elegant and extravagant events. Now that you have an idea how you should plan your party, it’s time to get to work!

Read on for our ultimate guide to throwing a killer yacht party.

Theme of the Party

Planning starts with a vision for the kind of party you want. A theme to be more precise. It could be a  birthday party, anniversary, an achievement, a milestone or a party for no reason at all! Once the theme is decided, the invites can be sent out so that the guests know what to wear and also what to expect. This also helps the host decide the kind of decorations, decor and menu. The host can then choose the kind of entertainment to be arranged on the yacht. It could be a barbecue, a dj, a fishing trip or just cruising.

Route for the Party

Ends justify the means and so we at Cozmo Yachts are very particular that the destination is as amazing as the cruise itself. Although, some yacht parties happen entirely on open water. Whether the party is hosted on our yacht or at another venue, we guarantee that your guests will be enthralled. If the party is at a venue on land, it is important to select a destination with diverse attractions. Having something for everyone will ensure that your guests enjoy themselves.

Venue for the Party

The date and time of the party are crucial to playing perfect hosts. Paying close attention to the weather at your destination is important as some places experience more rainfall at certain times of the year, while others may get uncomfortably dry. With your date and time finalized, it’s time to figure who is invited to your yacht party.

Guests at the Party

Deciding the list of invitees can be tough, but it is important to decide the kind of yacht to charter so that the guests are relaxed and well served. Making sure you have this number figured out will make your planning easier. The list must be according to the theme of the party.

If your party is meant to be wild and crazy, then invite people who are going to live up to that. A party that is mostly barbecues may not go well with toddlers and preteens although they will enjoy a fishing trip. Think of the people on your list and customise the entertainments and activities accordingly.

Food at the Party

Food always leaves a mark! It’s important to get the menu right. It is always best to keep the food simple yet delicious. Avoid using allergens as there’s a good chance your guests may have dietary restrictions or allergies. You may want to keep the alcohol consumption at bay as to avoid unwanted situations. Creating the tastiest and, more importantly, the healthiest menus is now the craze. Most important, make sure that there is a steady stream of healthy bowl food passed around by staff all through the night.

Music at the Party

Music sets the tone for a party so you have to get it right. The big bands are so last season; now it’s DJ only, regardless of the age of the crowd.

If you are still struggling to plan a yacht party, contact us to find out how we can help make your party an event to remember.