Wedding Proposal Ideas on a Yacht in Dubai

How do you tell your loved one that she is the one? How do you make that moment special? How to propose them in a way that a Yes becomes highly likely? Propose her in a manner which is one of its kind. Propose her in the way they deserved to be proposed. Propose her on a Yacht in Dubai!

With Cozmo Yachts – the luxury yacht rental service in Dubai, you can make that moment an unmatchable experience. We are your premier source of renting yachts in Dubai. With us, you’re not just renting a yacht but investing in an experience.

Be it renting a yacht to propose to your loved one at the time of sunset in the Marina or a cruise under the stars near Atlantis, we cover all. With bespoke solutions to cater to your wishes, your proposal will surely turn out to be a yes and will become the first step of your successful lasting marriage.

Some of the things that you can do (but not restricted to) for your proposal

-Hiring a String Quarter at your boat to create the perfect environment: night stars, cruise, music, and your favorite person. Didn’t you see this in movies when you were little? Now is your chance to make it a reality, an indeed magical one! JUST IMAGINE!

-If you’re a traditionalist, the safest way to go would be to give the yacht a hint of red to romanticize the mood. It could be either a red carpet or balloons or red roses or all, our expert team at Cozmo Yachts can execute it all for you. With years of experience, we have entertained hundreds of couples with hundreds of different concepts so if you are nervous about this, please relax. We have got you covered. Just tell us your preference and leave the rest to us.

-A yacht, live music in the background, your amore with you, how do you immortalize this moment for you? A professional photographer to capture it all. At Cozmo Yachts, we can arrange it as well so that you can relive this moment later in your life with your loved one. You can bring in your photographer or have your secret little occasion covered by us. We know how to make the moments Instagrammable for you to officially announce the big news out in your circle.

-You can even commemorate your proposal with a sumptuous dinner for two, be it live BBQ through a gourmet chef or an aphrodisiac platter of sushi, all of this can be arranged here at Cozmo Yachts. While booking your cruise, you can tell us your food preferences and also what you would like to have for beverages, as we have an extensive menu that you can choose from.

-Choose to rent the yacht around sunset time. This is a perfect time frame where you get the sundown experience and also after about an hour, you get to see the renowned places of Dubai in an illuminated way, much much better than how it looks during the day. The sea breezes are so pleasant during nighttime that it becomes an ideal environment – Dubai lights, cold water and breezes, and your loved one. Are you already imagining having a romantic moment in front of Burj Al Arab? We are sure you can’t wait!

-Choose a spot where you would like to propose. Our yachts have some extra spaces where we can tell your proposal activity would look nicer, from where the views will be even better. Let us help you choose the right spot. It can be both, indoors or outdoors, depending on what you and your partner would like. Some extra decorations can be done on that corner.

-Learn about our safety guidelines. We at Cozmo Yachts understand that safety comes first and also that it would be unfortunate to ruin a perfect occasion like this one so we ensure that you and your partner are safe. We have our team to take care of you in the waters, if God Forbid, a mishap happens, and regardless, there are safety instructions that we provide you as well. Our team has all the safety equipment and all the measures are rightly implemented to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

Cozmo Yachts is working dedicatedly to ensuring a delightful cruise experience and we promise you a memorable, one-of-a-kind ride on the yacht. So when are you proposing then? Contact us now on our helpline at +971 52 944 0222 or message us on Instagram to learn more about renting one of our exclusive yachts in Dubai. Our top-class customer care service will provide all the support you need to plan the magical night that you aspire to have.