Why Don’t yacht This Summer!

Let not summer hinder

Fellows planning to charter yacht in Dubai may find comparatively fewer suggestions online regarding sailing in Dubai particularly in August when summer is thought to be at its peak. Here I would like to comment that it depends on how you plan your trip. You let the season affect your plans for entertainment or you still remain committed, just like the author of this blog post.

Planning makes it viable

In fact, summer in Middle East region is warmer than any other region but the daily life does not get much affected by it and the reason is the facilities available there and similar is the case with Yachting over there. All you need to do is to select that perfect yacht and the destination of your trip and if you are budget conscious about your entertainment plan then you may not get best time than summer when you could cruise on your favorite luxury yacht, in your preferred time slots, to your desired destination and all this within your budget with complimentary refreshments and other stuff.

Make this summer cool

You can sail in summer and yet can stay away from the scorching heat even if you schedule your Dubai yacht trip in such timings that you start cruising past midday. As you cruise on, you may enjoy the company of your family, friends and fellows in the cozy salon and enjoy the water scenery and fountains from the wide windows of your yacht. Cruising through the Burj Al Khalifa while fountains are going on could be a good choice, just take this tip as an option, rest what you & your fellows choose to explore would be the best.

All set for fun under the sun

Your captain can get to you to the point best for experiencing the sunset and don’t forget to enjoy the water sports before it. The lovers of water sports would definitely take along their own gears to fully enjoy that opportunity while for the once in a blue moon divers, may use the gears available onboard, most of the time complimentary, however, it’s better to confirm with the charter provider, before you sail on, to avoid being disappointed. Those who just like to soak up the sun, they could get to the spacious front deck or the fly bridge to enjoy the breathtaking scenes and drinks at the same time, like the author recalls the freezing soft drinks served with the warm hospitality by the professional crew of the Cozmo Yachts, onboard.

Lots of Selfies – your visual memoirs to share

You would like to capture the selfies as you get to the Dubai Marina and step on board your luxury yacht. You would love to have the selfie of each enjoyable moment spent on board so ensure that you have enough memory to keep all your exclusive shots saved and sure you may also like to have a live video chat with your friends so don’t forget to keep your internet data bundle topped up, especially when enjoying the watersports with your family & fellows, sun sinking in the oceans of Dubai and the man-made engineering miracles lined at the glitzy harbor of Dubai. You may not need to say cheese as the smile would keep your lips hijacked all through your trip.