Why Winter is Ideal for Yacht Rental in Dubai?

If you have been to Dubai during the winter months from October to March, you would know that October to March is a fantastic time to explore Dubai and its waters! With warm and pleasant daytime temperatures and a nice dip by evening, it is the best time to head out to sea. Known for crystal clear water, iconic buildings, gold markets, and desert safaris, Dubai is undoubtedly a much sought-after tourist destination all year round. Most tourists flock to this multicultural, modern city to enjoy shopping, architecture, and luxury, and what best way to live the high life of glitz and glam than on a luxury yacht rental Dubai?

Dubai has moved on from being known as a dry, business city and taken its place among the top tourist spots in the world. With people on wanderlust spoilt for choice in shopping, restaurants, amusement parks, and a variety of things to do, the city of Dubai is on every traveler’s wishlist. One among the unique experiences Dubai has to offer, thanks to its long coastline, and our luxury yachts. Guests can hire a yacht in Dubai and enjoy a host of activities aboard it. A luxury cruise on rent also gives guests a peek into the style, glitz, and glam that Dubai is famous for, for a fraction of the cost!

Winter is the ideal time to visit Dubai and enjoy the city because the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. Localities and most seasoned travelers recommend the time between the end of October –  March to be the best time to explore Dubai. Be it Desert Safaris or Dhow Cruises, luxury yachts, or skydiving, people are sure to have a great time outdoors! Recently, there is a new fad in town when it comes to exploring Dubai in a never-before manner. Picture this. In the backdrop of architectural wonders like the Burj Al Khalifa and Burj al Arab, Atlantis, and the World Islands, you get to take a sleuth of selfies and pictures; you get to shop amongst the best brands in the world and also bargain a deal from the shops at the souk; catch and eat or barbecue some tasty food; swim and fish or swim and play. All this and more on your own rented British, French or Italian luxury yacht! 

While some people say that winters must be spent inside a cozy room, some think that winter is best enjoyed out in the open. When you charter a yacht in Dubai with the best agents, you do not need to choose inside or outside. Our fleet has 13 yachts ranging from 30 ft to 101 ft and can host 2 people to a hundred at a time. All the mid-sized yachts have   modern, airy interior designs, with plush salons and elegant yet contemporary dining spaces. The bedroom and twin rooms are designed to ensure privacy and style. The upper deck boasts of a flybridge with plenty of space for relaxing. With the expansive sundeck, there is no dearth of space for lounging and partying. The deck is the perfect place for those who love to be outdoors, catch up with friends over some fine drinks before launching themselves off the yacht for a refreshing swim. Folks who love some warmth can unwind in the salon over some hot Arabic coffee!

A luxury yacht is also a great venue to host a party in Dubai. All the yachts can be customized to fit any theme and there is no better way to enjoy the nippy weather than host a barbecue party aboard the yacht! With a host of activities to choose from, guests can pick what suits them best; the laid back souls can choose to cruise over the Arabian Sea; the party freaks can dance to their favorite tunes and indulge in delicious food; the anglers can catch a fish or two or go sport fishing; those who love to swim can take a dip in the cool waters and those adventure junkies can get some serious action by playing a variety of water sports like banana ride, donut ride, flyboarding, jet skiing, etc. During the winter months, while most guests like to spend some time on the deck, soaking up the sun and indulging in some fishing or barbecuing, at night when the temperature dips, it is good to spend time indoors, dancing, or just cruising with loved ones, watching the Dubai skyline along the coast, light up.

One of the best things aboard a yacht, as you enjoy the cool weather with some occasional sunlight is the service from the well-experienced staff. The captain is well versed with the sea routes and can take you to the exact spot for fishing or swimming; he knows the sea well enough to guide amateur water sport enthusiasts and experienced junkies. The award-winning crew that is so well mannered and elegant, will take care of you and spoil you and make sure that you are pampered from the time you set foot on the yacht!

Since winter also brings with it the end of a year and the start of another, guests can even host a pre-new year bash with loved ones. Celebrate the year that was and the year that will be with a lavish party and treat friends to a great time. Corporates can conduct their annual team outing or uniquely celebrate the deals and accomplishments by taking the team out on a yacht. Get together and share the good times with some delectable food and drinks and let your employees feel well taken care of. No matter the reason, it is the season to go yachting!

Book a yacht in Dubai now and enjoy some early discounts! Look no further and revel in the coolest season of the year with the best-chartered yacht agents in Dubai Marina. See you soon!