Winters In Dubai Call For Yacht Chartering

Dubai like any other UAE city is not known to have extreme winters, thus the climate is predictably hot and dry in summers with mild to moderate winters. Those living in countries with harsh winters, plan ahead for end-of-the-year months for places like Dubai to enjoy the pleasant weather. Therefore, Dubai is flooded with tourists from October to March as this city has idealistic weather along with many tourist’ center spots to hang out and enjoy vacations. Not to forget Dubai being bordered by the Persian Gulf, makes it an ideal place to host many water activities. One of them is yacht chartering, and what better place can be to rent yachts when Cozmo Yachts is available to make your dream come true and help you become part of the historical Gulf that can connect you to many landmarks of Dubai via sea?

Pre-planning Is Important

It is very important to note that if you are planning to visit Dubai in the peak season which is winter then everything needs to be pre-planned so that avoidable hassles can be avoided which can ruin your vacation mood. As Dubai gets very crowded and every famous spot has already got bookings in place, make sure to do your research ahead and ensure to carry out reservations of any sort make it hotels, famous places, or yacht renting beforehand so that the holiday fun is maximized. Not to forget, traveling tickets to Dubai also skyrocket around this time of the year, thus make sure to pick the right time to get plane tickets booked as well. If one of your plans revolves around yacht renting in Dubai, then make sure to book someone who is completely reliable and experienced in this regard, thus Cozmo Yachts fit the requirement well as not just they are self-sufficient but also lighter on pocket as compared to others.

Events To Look Out For In Winters

Halloween – The best part of Dubai in winter is not just the weather but also the kind of events and festivals happening around that time. Halloween for starters is something fun-filled and many parties are themed behind this day. Thus, if you are in Dubai around that time, make time to be part of Cozmo Yacht’s Halloween-themed parties on their chartered yachts as that experience is beyond anyone’s expectation.

F1 Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi has the pleasure of hosting the last of the Formula 1 Grand Prix race on Yas Island. The hype and glitz of the last race make it a very important arena thus attracting a lot of spectators to witness the race live. Yas Marina Circuit allows spectators to get a good outlook of the track along with the race uninterrupted. If you are around that time of the year, then surely Cozmo Yachts is your place for boat rental. Specific packages are designed for this very important race where you can get add-ons according to your liking to enjoy the entire vibe of the race.

Christmas – 25th Dec is all about celebrating and making Christmas all about family and friends. You can make this event family-centric and contact Cozmo Yachts to rent a private yacht for hosting the Christmas Party and keeping it an intimate affair. Another plan can be to be part of a shared yacht experience in Dubai where you get to mix around the like-minded crowd and enjoy Christmas Carols with them.

New Year’s Eve – Now this event has some next-level things planned by Cozmo Yachts as the utmost plan for this grand day is to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy city for that time of the day as everyone’s out to celebrate and most probably stuck in traffic. The cruise experience will surely be rewarding around that time of the hour with the beautiful view ahead of the Dubai skyline, the calm sea, and the fireworks cracking in the background on top of it the luxury accommodations being provided by the Cozmo Yachts crew will be the best plan in action for NYE in Dubai.

Valentine’s Day – if you are looking to impress your better half on 14th Feb then you got to make it special and add some elegance to that day. All possible, as yacht renting experience with Cozmo Yacht will allow you to celebrate this day with your soulmate in a magnificent manner. A romantic getaway can be staged according to what you are looking for with elegant décor, complementing music, and a candle-lit dinner with your beloved one.

 Why Choose Cozmo Yachts?

Cozmo Yachts has proven from time to time with their expertise and experience of 9 years that they are well equipped to carry out the plan according to mutual understanding between them and the client. It is a priority by Cozmo Yachts to not in any way disappoint their customers in any way thus they take no event lightly, making it birthdays, anniversaries, intimate gatherings, festival celebrations, or any other important event that is to be hosted on their rented yachts will be ensured to get proper detailing done in terms of what customer is looking for.

You can now call us on the given number which is +971529440222, for any queries related to event hosting or getting details about related packages.