Make the Most of Your Yacht Rental in Dubai: 7 Fun Ideas

Are you going on a trip to Dubai to have a lot of fun? Getting a yacht rental in Dubai is a great way to make your trip more exciting, but even the best yacht rental in Dubai isn’t worth it if you don’t know how to make the most out of it.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with laying out on your rented yacht, basking in the sun, and drinking mixed drinks with a good book, but why not do more to get the most out of your Dubai private yacht rental experience? 

We’re here to give you a few ideas to get started. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Go Fishing

If you’re already a Dubai resident, a yacht rental is a great excuse to take a fishing trip. Even if you plan on more fun at night, the daytime is the perfect time to get out on the water with a friend and some fishing rods.

Keep in mind that only Dubai citizens and residents can apply for fishing licenses (unless you’re going fishing with a specific company), so if you’re on vacation, this might not apply to you. Luckily, many companies offer this service so you can have a fun night on the water. 

Grab a playlist full of your favourite songs, a few drinks, and a few friends. Don’t forget your fishing gear. Even if you don’t catch anything, a day out on the boat is never a bad time. 

2. Have a Yacht Party

We’ve all seen those fun yacht parties in the movies. Why not make one of your own? 

Whether you’ve brought all of your friends with you on your trip or you’re making new friends while you’re in Dubai, there’s never a bad time to throw a get-together on your rented yacht. 

Yacht parties can get messy, so make sure that you’re taking all of the proper precautions. You want to keep your party-goers safe, limiting alcohol consumption and ensuring you have safety equipment on the yacht in easily accessible places. 

Also, take note of the guest limit for the yacht that you’re renting. Smaller yachts may only be appropriate for small gatherings with eight or so guests, while larger yachts are fine for thirty or more guests.

All yachts have their own limitations and regulations. When in doubt, talk to the rental company. 

3. Have a Nice Date on the Water

So let’s say that you’re not the type to engage in a big, loud party. Why not have a quiet night on the water with your special someone? 

There’s nothing quite like having a restaurant experience on a yacht. You’re all alone with your partner as opposed to eating in a busy public space. Get your favourite restaurant order to go and set up a table for two on your Dubai private yacht rental. 

When you’re done dinner, lay some chairs or blankets out on the deck to watch the stars and see the lights of the city. You don’t need a date with a lot of fun events and thrills. 

Create a DIY date night and amp it up with a yacht experience. 

4. Travel Via Boat

You don’t have to say in one place with your yacht. You can go anywhere that there’s a marina large enough to hold your boat. Isn’t it more fun to travel on the water than it is to travel on the road? 

Make a map of all of the places that you can park your yacht. Talk to the driver about where you’d like to go so you can get their opinions and suggestions based on their capabilities. 

While you won’t be able to visit every little thing on your list, you will get to travel in style and luxury. 

5. Go Sightseeing

There are so many things to do and see in Dubai, and you can see a lot of them from the water. 

First, why not take a trip further into the ocean? You can take a sunset cruise and see nature in a whole new light. You may get to see some sea creatures off in the distance if you’re lucky!

You can also appreciate the lights and scenes of the city from the safe distance of the yacht. 

6. Relax On Your Own 

You don’t have to plan a huge adventure to get the most out of your yacht. If you want to spend some quiet time alone or with your family and you have the money to spare, why not? 

Put on some sunscreen and lay yourself out on the deck to get a nice tan. Have a nice lunch on the water, do some peaceful yoga, and get away from the rest of the world. 

7. Find a Private Place to Have Fun in the Water

Speaking of privacy, if you’re tired of the loud beaches, why not use the yacht to find a place without other people in the water? 

Grab a few of your friends and prepare to go swimming. Ensure that you’re a strong swimmer before you go into the ocean and keep a life vest nearby. Remember, if you’re not on the beach, you’re not near a lifeguard.

All that aside, going for a dip without the noise of other tourists is a blast. 

Looking for a Yacht Rental In Dubai?

Why not get the most out of your trip with a yacht rental in Dubai? There’s nothing better than a day out on the water. When you rent a yacht, you know that you’ll get to travel in style and have a day of luxury. 

So what are you waiting for? Impress your friends and family with a yacht today.

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