Yacht Rentals for Birthdays: Tips for Throwing Your Dream Birthday Party in Dubai

The yacht charter market is constantly growing and is currently growing at an 8% rate. This is why many yacht companies are offering different yacht services, including yacht birthday rentals.

Yacht rentals are memorable. Imagine celebrating another year on a luxurious boat overlooking the water. You can’t imagine anything better!

Has it always been your dream to celebrate your birthday on a yacht? Now is your chance! If you want to combine your yacht adventure with another luxurious trip, choose a yacht rental in Dubai.

But there are some things you need to know about yacht rentals for birthdays. Remember these tips and have the best birthday imaginable!

Pick a Theme

Don’t get us wrong, there’s not much you can add to your yacht rental party to make it better than what it is. But personalizing your party is always nice. This is why many yacht rental companies recommend you create a yacht party theme.

The best yacht companies offer flexible services and can customise your theme to your liking. All you need to bring is any décor you want, any costumes you want to wear, and the cake. You can even request specific dishes and menu items.

What are some popular themes? Here are our recommendations:

  • Casino
  • Nautical
  • Masquerade
  • Pirates

It’s recommended you inform the yacht rental company of your theme and other customisable features early in the booking process.

Create Your Guest List in Advanced

You should always create the ultimate guest list for your yacht party!

Yacht services can accommodate any size guest list. You can choose an intimate party consisting of 10 or 20 close friends, or a lavish party with 50 and even 100 guests!

However, you should always have your guest list planned out well in advance. Take time to think about who you’re inviting. For example, if you plan on having an open bar, it might be best to not invite your grandparents or children!

Not only should you plan your guest list but you should always send your invites in advance. Unless you live in Dubai, your guests should have plenty of time to plan their Dubai travel accommodations.

Make sure your guests have plenty of time to book any flights and hotel rooms.

Bring Your Supplies (If Necessary)

This is optional but can help your party. Bring your supplies if you want. The yacht will accommodate typical supplies, such as drinks, food, and other dining necessities. But some themes and activities call with your supplies.

For example, if you and your guests plan on fishing, bring your fishing gear and a cooler to store your fish.

While the yacht service will provide dining ware, you may want to bring your own. This includes themed plates and cups.

Create Your Playlist

Fortunately, birthday yachts come with all of the technology to blast music all night! And don’t think you can’t hear music on the deck. You’ll be able to jam out, no matter where you are!

But what won’t yachts accommodate? Your playlist.

That’s because yacht services want you to play your favourite tunes! Whether you want to have a rodeo to some country music or would rather relax to your favourite string quartet, the yacht service will welcome any style of music.

Take some time and create the perfect playlist. Do you want to dance all night? Do you want some atmospheric background music so you and your friends can chat? Or do you want a little bit of both?

In addition, you can always schedule your playlist. Schedule a time to dance and choose lively songs during this time. If there’s time for dinner and cakes, choose more relaxing songs for these moments.

What if you forget to create a playlist? You’re either stuck listening to the radio or you’ll have to borrow a friend’s phone or music player. You don’t want that! It’s your birthday — listen to your favourite songs and rock out all night!

Are You Planning the Party for Someone Else?

You can plan a yacht party in Dubai for someone else. It’s best if you plan a surprise yacht party! Imagine, if you’re taking your loved one out to their “party” and they see a giant yacht docked in Dubai!

There’s no better way to surprise your loved one and they will feel on top of the world.

But planning a birthday party for someone else has their challenges. You have to customise everything to their liking.

This includes inviting their friends, choosing a theme they will like, playing their favourite music, and doing their favourite activities.

You’ll also need the help of a charter specialist to help you plan the party. As long as you let them know it’s a surprise, you can trust that they will guide you in the right direction without revealing your secret!

Plan Your Activities

No birthday party is complete without some activities and games. Make sure you plan them out before your party!

Since yachts are fun as it is, you don’t need to plan complex games. Simple games such as “Truth or Dare” or “Would You Rather” are always fun games.

When you get some drinks in you, classic drinking games and other classics such as “Charades” are also great options.

The great aspect of yachts is you can do nautical activities.

For example, a yacht can accommodate fishing. Host a yacht fishing party and try to catch a prized fish in Dubai! For the thrill-seeking birthday people, yachts can even accommodate water sports such as scuba diving and jet skiing.

And if you want to let your hair down and party the night away, drinks and dancing are always recommended activities!

Are You Looking for Yacht Rentals for Birthdays?

Now that you know some tips about yacht rentals for birthdays, are you looking for a yacht in Dubai? We have a fully customisable birthday yacht rental service and we accommodate parties of all sizes.