Yachting (Perfect For Every Occasion)

If you’re on a tour of Dubai, flying in for a well-deserved vacation or living in the city and want to impress your clients with something a little more exotic than a business lunch or just settled in Dubai and bored visiting crowded places and usual sites and sounds, there is something unique you can do to see Dubai in a new avatar or view Dubai from a different perspective. Yachting. Quite notably, a hard to beat option. The city throbs with vibrancy and light and this energy is all the more exciting when seen from the surrounding waterways.

couple on a chartered yacht

Yachting is a fun activity by itself and when you opt for a cruise to see the sites and sounds of New Age Dubai, it turns into an unforgettable memoir. There’s a lot you can do while yachting. Almost all of the cruise parties hire professional DJs who will make you whirl and twirl. Moreover, cruising with your loved ones while munching on delicious food and taking in stunning views of Dubai’s blue waters surely makes up for a lifetime experience.

First of all, yacht rental Dubai is quite convenient. You may drive Dubai Marina, contact some reputed yacht charter providers like Cozmo Yachts or even booking online with Book Yachts. Yacht rental in Dubai is also quite pocket-friendly. You may hire a luxury yacht as low as AED 200 per person or plan a trip along peers and negotiate the provider for additional discounts. Last not least, cruising in waters of Dubai, whether with friends or alone, is soothing, relaxing and fairly revitalizing.

Yachts come in all sizes and through one of the most luxurious yacht charter companies in Dubai, Cozmo Yachts, you will find a yacht that meets your needs. From 30 ft Beneteau to 75ft Fairline Squadron, all our yachts are sure to impress with its flybridge, spacious living area, salon and cockpit, ideal for an al fresco lunch and relaxed afternoon with friends or mind blowing parties.

Yachting in Dubai not only offers a wide range of boats to select from but also has a wide range of destinations which you may select as per your mood and availability. You have the flexibility to decide on your timings like if you want to enjoy the bright day amid the waters, you may plan and your first coffee of the day with your client, peer or someone special right at the deck of the luxury yacht. You may also go for brunch, gourmet lunch or have a yummy star-light dinner. Dropping the idea of having candlelight dinner is being suggested because lighting candles in the wild winds of the ocean would keep you engaged so much that you would miss your dinner. Having a grilled fish on-board is the item most fresh, liked and recommended by the author. The professional captain and crew will ensure all your needs are met. Dining requirements will be arranged to your specifications. Barbecues, swimming, diving, sunbathing, and land excursions can all be arranged within one of the most spectacular and sophisticated locations in the world.

The author would also like to give you a fair warning to take proper care of your keys and mobile phone especially when cruising or you may drop them. 

Decide and schedule your marine excursion as per your mood, choice, convenience and budget! Whatever your ideas are for chartering a yacht in Dubai, Cozmo Yachts will find the perfect solution to your needs. Happy Yachting Dubai!