Yachting With Style and Safety

Water Sports! A Discrete World of Fun

Water sports are a great source of healthy and active lifestyle. Yacht rentals around the world, like Cozmo Yachts in Dubai, host a great variety of water activities above and under the water. Indulging in swimming, sports fishing,water skiing, jet skiing, or scuba diving involve a great source of fun and excitement not for individuals but for families as well.



Safety First! Make It Your Policy

It is wise to abide by the basic rules of safety. Sometimes, the fun gets overwhelmed to an extent where even very basic precautions get ignored which leads to the situation that the cruise aimed at entertainment gets concluded in an unpleasant way. Critical situations are encountered but rarely and hundreds of thousands of sailing are safely spent. Numerous surfers continue to enjoy the water-related activities around Dubai Marina every day.

Crew Onboard! To Safeguard You

Cozmo Yachts recommends to always sail with a crew as they are experienced to handle any sort of situation and could be the first person for the rescue.Further, we advise our yachters to follow the guidelines given below to ensure for their own safety, as well as for the safety of others onboard, when on the yacht or in the waters.

Cruise-In Friendly Weather

Although weather of Dubai, especially the condition of water & sea, remains suitable for cruising however it is always better to check the weather forecast. Even if you encounter bad weather when in waters, suspend your water activities and spend your remaining time enjoying in compartments of the vessel. As the situation gets clear, you may resume with your water sports, however, in case the sea gets high, it would be better to head towards the coast and carry out your entertainment sessions there.

Wear Your Protective Gear

News about sizzling hot weather in Dubai continue to pop up during summer and most of them are aimed at attracting the readers to the activities of celebrities on a visit there. However, it is better to be careful about the harmful sun rays because you may not care about the raised temperature when enjoying water sports but take extra care to remain well hydrated overall, that is, drink enough water and keep applying a your sunscreen during your sporadic watersports sessions as this would let your avoid sunburns. Do wear your sunglasses as well. If you are accompanied by children, make them wear a hat and full sleeves sun shirts. As soon as you begin to cruise into waters, make sure that you and your family and peers are wearing their safety jackets. Inculcate about its importance even right before the beginning of the trip. Your colleagues known for mastering swimming should also wear this safety gear as this would keep them floating in a situation of any accidental fall restricting their movement.

Indulge When Healthy

Remember that never let the fun overrule your health. Enjoying the water sports when not feeling well could spoil the pleasure of the whole event and for an extended time. So, it is better to avoid tedious water activities, especially the rides at high speeds like water skiing.