DJ service on a yacht

Modern day entertainment, coupled with great service, all abroad an exclusive ocean liner is closer than you think. With our all exclusive DJ package, we now offer more services for our guests, and their guests than simple sailing, sightseeing and taking in the waves. We provide a wide range of services for industrial, personal and business use.

Our Yacht for hire in Dubai offers the best in accommodations, activities and excitement. It is the perfect getaway vehicle for family, friends, and lovers. Whether it's business or pleasure, on the deck or in the conference room, we aim to make every experience memorable.

Our optional DJ service makes eloping, planning a wedding, or hosting a party special and unique. Plan the event, and bring the people, we do the rest. Memories are made on land, why not make some on the open seas. Choose from a variety to yacht sizes, for any occasion.

Boating, fishing, honeymooning, or vacationing is reason enough to plan a trip on one of Cozmo’s famous Yachts. It is definitely a world worth experiencing. Play it again Sam!