Exclusive Fishing Trip

AED 1699
8 Guests
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33FT Luxury Yacht

Fishing rods, trolling rods and baits

Inbuilt music system

8 Guests 4hrs

Water, Ice & Soft Drinks

Exclusive Fishing Trip

Fishing in Dubai on a boat, yacht or just any of the corniche is equally exciting no matter whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner. Cozmo Yachts offers different packages for fishing lovers, whether they are fond of fishing in the deep sea or just want to engage in it remaining near the coastline, with their family, kids and friends onboard.

The exclusive fishing trip package is ideal for all the fellows, who would be onboard with you. This 33FT boat sports boat, equipped with a restroom and toilet, is ideal for deep water fishing or trying your luck in shallow waters.

Fishing with friends is not just a hobby or a mere clubbing event, rather it is the best time for bonding relations, encouraging, supporting and growing together.
It has become a rare thing in this technology era where the person sitting next to you, continuously engaged with his gadget, is actually far from you. When fishing, you are caring, assisting and advising each other, all the skills needed for well-synched teamwork.

Fishing and sunset cruise

We don’t think that fishing with fellows on a boat needs many convincing efforts. These are not the mere luxuries of the yacht, you chartered from Dubai Marina for your fishing trip, but much more than that. You improve your fishing skills from your experienced angler buddies but also gain the knowledge, experience and keys to success that prevails around the globe, Dubai is a megapolis after all. Whether you are going to document a big catch or not but are going to return filled with lots of excitement and commitments, at least, after having that fishing tour.

Fishing from a luxury yacht is not just a hobby, it’s a time & place full of amusement and fun. Fishing activity on a boat is a complete movie in itself having the attraction, suspense, action and happy ending. Do you want to know how?

Attraction is when you notice signs of your prey (fish) in the water, you through the lure and there begins the suspense which gets deeper and deeper by the time. Next is the feeling that the catch is on the bait and there begins the action, you start spinning the real to grab your catch while the fish fights back to escape. This continues till the excitement spreads all around when you see that finally, you have got a big catch.

Think about your fellow who succeeds in catching his first prey after spending the whole day and finds that it’s the turtle and not the fish, the whole day ends with a big laughter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1- What to wear when going fishing on a luxury yacht?
We suggest wearing a sharp-coloured, casual dress of your choice, suitable for the weather & temperature of Dubai. Make it a common practice whenever you are out in the city, especially on sea excursions or desert safari, to cover your head, eyes and rest of the body. This will benefit you from seasonal impacts throughout the year.

Once onboard the boat, wear a life jacket, immediately and properly.

2- Could we take kids and youth on the fishing boat?
Yes! You can take kids, families and elders all but please make sure that they do fishing under the supervision of some adult.

3- Is not risky when fishing from the deck of a luxury yacht?
No, all safe. The situation gets tense or risky when we become negligent. Our experienced captain on the boat informs you of the precautions.
Further, if you take the ‘Hello Neighbour’ or the ‘buddy system’ while fishing on the ship, the guy sitting next to you could become the immediate rescuer or the first helping hand if you slip off the boat.

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